My Favorite Yoga and Active Apparel To Shop Now

My Favorite Yoga and Active Apparel To Shop Now

I take my yoga practice very seriously, but that doesn’t mean I take myself–or my apparel–seriously. Far from it!

Everyone knows me as a sucker for a good graphic or novelty tee, hence my beloved unicorn sweater, and that goes for my workout attire as well. As a yogi practicing Bikram yoga (AKA hot yoga) 3 times a week, I tend to find many made-for-yoga clothing pieces too stiff, conservative and thick which makes for an overly hot and un-bendy session.

I love to be comfortable when I practice; the last thing I want to think about is if my undies are out or if my clothes are showing sweat (gross but true, especially in my 105 degree studio!). And I also don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on every piece, head to toe. I believe in spending a little on those fun pieces you’ll wear for a year and shelling out a little more on good quality pieces that will last you years.

But when I first decided to hunt for new yoga gear, I found it challenging to find the right fabrics and weights in apparel that made moving and bending comfortable until I discovered the joy of my favorite finds from super affordable to the brands that are worth saving for.


Ardene has dozens of leggings to choose from in fun prints such as this black and white tie-die style I’m wearing. The tights, which are usually in the front of the store, drew me in the first time around, but I seriously doubted that they would be opaque enough to survive a hardcore down-dog, so I brought a few pairs to the change room and challenged that theory. I even “accidentally” splashed a drop of water from my water bottle on them to see how they stood up to sweat and–to my surprise–they passed both tests with flying colours! (I may or may not have bought 4 pairs that day.)

Overall, Ardene tights are super comfortable and stretchy and– believe it or not– not see-through at all. While they may not be the highest quality or last years and years (they do stretch a bit, so get them a tad smaller than you prefer to), but you can’t beat the price, fun-factor and comfort of them.

I find a lot of better quality bottoms at Urban Outfitters for a selection from some more high end active wear brands such as The Upside and Without Walls.


yoga-76-666x1000-1Yoga Apparel from Garage Clothing and Ardene

Tanks and Shirts

I swear I work out harder and my heart smiles when I’m sporting a good graphic top. I find a lot of my graphic tops from Shopbop. (Their colourful active-wear  is also primo.)

Garage Clothing also has some awesome tanks such as the one pizza one pictured in all of these photos if you’re looking for more novelty tops.



While we’re talking about tops, I think we can all agree that there’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting sports bra–or one that’s too thin. As someone who almost exclusively wears sports bras (I can’t stand wire bras!), I’ve shopped around. My picks?…

Always love a Nike’s sports bra. Nothing like a classic. Always worth the price!

I also find a lot of great pieces from Sport Chek (A fave is Reebok’s yoga wear.)

Yoga Mats & Accessories

For the pièce de résistance, a good yoga mat and towel makes all the difference and is absolutely necessary! And for yoga mats, I have 2 and have had them for years without either breaking or losing their grip;

I love Gaiam and have had a blue number for over 4 years. It’s torn a bit, but it’s carried me through hundreds of classes.

I love Jade Yoga even more. (And this Limited Edition Teal Yoga Mat I found online is pretty amazing!)

Yoga Rat towels and accessories are a favorite of mine. Their towels keep your mat protected, wick up sweat without showing it too much (saving you embarrassment) and have a fantastic grip so you don’t pull a ‘surfboart’ on your mat during class which some towels can do!