Tools of The Trade: Robin Fitzsimons

Tools of The Trade: Robin Fitzsimons

Robin Fitzsimons is the maker, designer and owner of Fitzy, a shop that offers handmade modern vegetable leather goods from Toronto (AKA Terano, Tronno etc. according to her newest tote).

A few months ago, I shared a post and photoshoot of my favorite products from her line (which included the coolest fanny-pack ever), and today, I’m thrilled to have Robin back to share a behind the scenes look at her process, must-have tools and the objects she uses everyday to make her impressive products.

Visit her Instagram for more fun from Robin and her studio.


There are so many tools that make my life easier, from my grid ruler, to my iPhone, to my growing stack of business books, but the thing that I really can’t live without is my network of bad-ass business ladies (and dudes).


Fitzy is currently a one woman show; so it’s usually pretty quiet around the water cooler, which is why it’s so important to have a great network of biz buddies, who are just a text away. No one better understands what it’s like to run your own business than people who are doing it too.


They’re always there to bounce ideas off of, answer questions, share resources, and vice versa. About once a month, Said the King and I co-host a meet up for creative business owners at this very table, and it’s awesome.