Tools of The Trade: Alisha Nicole of Early August

Tools of The Trade: Alisha Nicole of Early August

I first discovered Alisha Nicole on Instagram a few months ago and we’ve been internet pals ever since. Alisha operates and runs Early August, a boutique online shop that offers affordable daily essentials ranging from accessories to home decor items. A while back, she was kind enough to send me some jewelry pieces which I shared in this blog post, and her baby moon necklace is now a staple of mine that I forget to take off half the time.

More than ever, running an e-commerce business requires you to wear many hats; the designer, the accountant, the social media hand, the writer/blogger and the sales department, to name a few. So I asked Alisha what her must-have tools are to run her business and this was her answer:


I definitely can’t work without my Day Designer! My memory is terrible so if I don’t write things down then they definitely won’t get done. It’s also made for creative entrepreneurs, so the layout and helpful worksheets in the front are amazing at keeping me on track and focused on the bigger picture. It has been a lifesaver!


My other must-have tools are my iPhone and, more specifically, the Google Drive app. It allows me to access all of my design ideas, press information and contacts from literally anywhere. Perfect for someone like me who can’t sit still!