This Week In Photos

After a disastrous experience knitting with polyester cord, I had a dream of a time knitting with this cotton rope to make this pot holder/coaster.


I splurged the other week and bought myself this Pink Tartan dress from The Bay. Up until recently, I was super-cheap and bought the most inexpensive clothes I could find, but I’ve finally come to appreciate quality and the value of good, tailored pieces.

I’ve already worn it 2 ways to to two separate events; to Blog Podium with a pair of boots and tights, and to a friend’s wedding this past Saturday at Evergreen Brickworks with nude heels and an updo.


I ordered fabric from Spoonflower, printed with my illustrations, a few weeks ago and they finally arrived in the mail. To be honest, I’m a bit disappointed in how dull the colours turned out and how greyed-out the blacks printed. A good lesson for next time I guess; I’ll have to be sure to increase the saturation and contrast.


Shawn snapped this photo of me getting ready to go out. I’m not sure I’ll ever have a photo of me where my hands don’t look like chicken talons.

H&H-photoshoot-43 H&H-photoshoot-38


I opened the Hands and Hustle online shop where you can now buy Art Prints & more! Shawn helped me take all of the photos like a gem.

handh-napkin-2 handh-napkin-1

I finally made use of some fabric I had lying around to sew this set of 4 dinner napkins. The pictured pot holder is the same one that nearly killed me.

What did you get up to this past week?

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