Sabrina Smelko Illustration and Design for Molson Canadian and Osheaga

Molson Canadian For Osheaga


Eight illustrations for an online advertising campaign for Molson Canadian Quebec’s Facebook page done with Rethink Canada.

The illustrations were intended to generate excitement around Molson’s sponsorship of the Osheaga music festival in Montreal. The first four are visual riddles representing a few of the bands performing for Facebook fans to guess at while the remaining four illustrations are tips for how to better prepare for Osheaga.

Sabrina Smelko Illustration for Molson Canadian and Osheaga

Tip: Protect your phone.

Tip: Bring your own toilet paper.

Guess the band: Silvers Pickups

Tip: Fanny packs will come in handy!

Sabrina Smelko Illustration

Guess the band: Vampire Weekend

Guess the band: Hot Chip

Guess the band: Jimmy Eat World

Tip: Layer your clothing.