The Future of Work + GoToMeeting


I collaborated with /newsrooms to establish the Creative Direction of GoToMeeting‘s online presence for a digital campaign surrounding The Future of Work. With an already established brand presence, GTM (GoToMeeting) was looking to create a secondary visual direction more relevant to the topic to complement their existing, more corporate aesthetic.

I established the look and feel for the campaign’s digital assets and presence and executed them as well, designing the website and all images and graphics that were used online. Due to the nature of the campaign which encouraged a more open and casual conversation, including Twitter chats, contest brackets and even saw the launch of a podcast, my goal was to create an aesthetic that felt authoritative and intelligent, but still cool and relevant without appearing too “tech-y” or sterile.

In the end, GTM became host to a platform which welcomed conversations on the topic surrounding The Future of Work on their subdomain website and through various social media channels.

Inviting industry professionals to speak on the topic and weigh in on the conversation took the form of highly-stylized graphics which I created. They were shared on Twitter and used as feature images on the website.