• Emojis for Mozilla Firefox OS

Emojis for Mozilla Firefox OS



Over the course of 2014, I was hired by Mozilla Firefox to create the entire collection of over 1,000 Emoticons for their Firefox Operating System devices, including all new Emojis which were announced in the Unicode 7.0 update, including a middle finger, chipmunk and a chili pepper.
It was a dream project and the awesome team at Firefox allowed me full creative reign of the set. Big thanks to Patryk, Amy, Hung, Przemek, Peter and the entire global design team at Mozilla for their help in making this happen and to the engineering team for working to implement it into devices and doing all the technical stuff that’s out of my expertise.
Below is a small selection of the entire collection. The entire collection of Emojis will be available in future versions of Firefox and Firefox OS for mobile.
Sabrina Smelko Illustration and Design for Firefox OS