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Playlist – Fall 2015 Jams

It’s been a while. I know, I know. Life has been busy and hectic and full of all kinds of stuff, but all the while, this music has been keeping me going. Enjoy this 22-track wonder on fall drives, at work, or just hanging around the house.

Playlist No. 42 (Finally!)

Playlist No. 42

After a short hiatus, my playlists are back!

Thanks to those of you who have pushed for their return and commented saying how much you miss them — I feel bad. I missed them too — but life and work got in the way, the little buggers they can be 😉

In reflection, I’ve done 42 weeks of playlists (which is almost a year’s worth) and in doing so, I’ve realized one a week is pretty ambitious (you’re right, Klint). So after this week’s playlist, I’m going to launch fresh in September with one playlist at the beginning of each month. Whew!

Playlist No. 40

I’ve been busy lately with work and life in general, so I don’t have time to craft a pre-amble. But I will say, though this one is short, it’s also very sweet. And for those who don’t know it, to listen to a steady stream of all of my playlists strung together, just visit my Soundcloud and hit the orange play button on the top-most playlist and be prepared for over 5 hours of listening.