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Life Lately: The Calgary Renovation Show, Ashy Brown Ombré, a Smeg Kettle + More

I DIY-ombre’d my hair at home and it turned out… not so amazing (see above photos up top). So I went to Christine at The Cutting Edge in Milton to get my hair coloured for the first time in my life and am lovin’ it.

I’ll be speaking at the Calgary Renovation Show next weekend (on January 14th at 11am and 2pm on the main stage, to be exact)! There’s still tickets available if you’re interested–and get $5 off with code ‘SABRINA’. I’m so happy to be in good company among Sarah Richardson! If you care to know a bit more about my talk, here’s the Cole’s notes:

As a multi-disciplinary designer and curious creative, Sabrina Smelko’s DIY mentality has guided her through industries from illustration and design to tech and teaching, and has now led her on-screen through her roles as co-host of HGTV Canada’s Save My Reno, Designer on Home To Win and Cityline expert. A guiding statement, a holistic action, a suggestion, and a steady theme that has marked her life and design career, Sabrina will leave you inspired to think Big Picture and empowered to tackle your own home design with confidence.

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Happy Birthday Piper (My Blue Heeler Collie Mix)

On January first Piper turned three, officially making her transition from puppy to adult doggo.

Truthfully, even though I jokingly call her my old ball and chain, through this past year of change and growth, she’s been my constant: A routine I can count on every day; A greeting I can expect every time I come home.

Even though she’s a bonafide trouble maker, I’m so grateful to always have her at my side throughout this absurd thing called life. When I need to just get out, she’s right there with me, running ahead on the footpath. When I need to just drive and blast music, she’s leaning against me, paws on the console. When I need a snuggle, she’s the first one willing to hit the chaise–but only if you don’t invade her leg room too much.

She’s been anything but a generic, easy pup to raise. She’s timid, but has a strong personality. She’s stubborn, but smart as a whip. She’s a ball of energy, but lazy AF before 1pm. She doesn’t get the difference between sit and lie down, but she can give a solid high five. She’s wiley, cautious, protective, spunky, sweet, impatient and a food vacuum. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

To my rapscallion with a heart of gold, happy birthday!

You’re a handful, but I cannot imagine doing life without you. You’re my park pal, my music mutt, my little spoon and my best friend.

PS: Some of my fave photos throughout the years and a little write-up on her breed for anyone curious about getting a blue heeler/border collie mix are below.

x, S

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My Genesis Experience

Current status: thoroughly missing my 2017 Genesis G90.

For a few weeks in October, I was lucky enough to call one my own. I drove it everywhere from film sets in the city to Northern Ontario to explore the fall colours, and it was truly a more enjoyable a ride than I anticipated.

I’m not usually one for flash, but after just one day in my Genesis, it was hard to argue the worth of investing in a luxury vehicle.

It had everything you’d expect—heated seats, a sunroof, great sound system, comfortable and spacious seating—along with a whole other world of upgrades I wasn’t anticipating: corrective steering assistance (yes, you can go hands-free around a bend to grab something in the back seat), a live multi-view camera, a super-intuitive and non-distracting interface, insignia puddle lamps which projected onto the ground like a Batman symbol, sun screen visors, and ambient lighting (which I appreciated big time).

I’m Becoming a Yoga Teacher [+ a Playlist]

Yoga has been a big part of my life for the last 15 years.

It’s seen me through tough times, beautiful moments and mundane months. It’s been both a life saver and a passive practice, but through it all, it’s been a constant source of peace for me. And it’s finally time I take it to the next level.

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Still Here

Aren’t you tired of announcing yourself to the world? I am. I wish I’d just shut up sometimes.

Because everything good in my life has come to me unprompted. When I wasn’t looking. When I just let things be. When I surrendered to myself; to the world; to space and time; to whatever.

And I feel for surrender. Surrender gets a bad rap.

Surrender often implies giving up. But I like to see it as giving in. In a beautiful, vulnerable, honest way.

So for those wondering where I am, I’m still here. 

I’ve just been trying this new thing where instead of reacting, I’m receiving. Enjoying what comes when I listen. When I look out and up rather than in and down.

Because I believe (and hope) that if you wait for it, the world will eventually announce itself to you.

PS: I also just returned from Bali and Taipei, so look out for some insight into that trip soon! Just wanted to say a quick “hey” in the meanwhile.

x, S