HGTV Canada Greenlights Two New Original Series Introducing Three New Experts (And I'm One of Them)!

HGTV Canada Greenlights Two New Original Series Introducing Three New Experts (And I’m One of Them)!

Let me set the scene…

Yesterday, I woke up to Piper (equipped with a goopy eye-infection) nudging me with a smelly toy, spent my morning feeling ill and mushy from eating leftover pasta that had gone bad, and my afternoon skimming the clearance rack at Winners while donning an inside-out top. Life is good, albeit normal and arguably boring.

Since I graduated from Sheridan’s BAA program, I’ve been busting my butt working in an outlandish number of different industries — from advertising and publishing, to tech, film and entertainment. I’ve art directed campaigns, illustrated and designed everything from portraits to pillows to emojis, I’ve styled sets and photoshoots, I’ve become a writer/editor for blogs and magazines, and I’ve busted my butt to save for a home that I’ve since renovated (mostly by) myself.

At times, I’ve felt aimless in my hustle. At times, I’ve wondered what I’ve been working so hard for — where I’m heading. I spend most of my weekends working on either real or personal projects, and almost all of my days and nights at home, plugging away, writing, exploring new avenues, researching my butt off, and honing my skills. So to finally be able to have my hard work validated and my goals, realized, feel so so good. And to finally be able to share my good news publicly feels even better.

But first back to yesterday: I’m in Winners cashing out with hand-soap and a t-shirt found on clearance when my phone starts buzzing. The press release from Corus Entertainment went live — the one that announced HGTV Canada’s two brand new shows that are in production, one of which I’ll be hosting alongside Sebastian Clovis (!!!). Yes — me… On TV!

Since the start of this year, I’ve been pursuing this practically full-time in secret. I’ve had to say yes to a lot of scary things I’ve never faced before, and I also had to say no to some great things (such as teaching design again at Sheridan, as well as various, perfectly-great freelance jobs).

I’ve made the choice to follow my gut and have held onto the instinct that, sometimes, the scariest things and most outlandish turns your life and career take are the ones you should pursue. And this is where it led me.

It’s been a very wild and serendipitous ride to get here, to say the least, and I’m humbled and thankful to be given this opportunity (one that longwindedly started last October, when I was asked to hop aboard as a guest judge on Game of Homes). And I can’t wait to get going on this journey!

So if anyone reading this is thinking, “when will my hustling pay off?” or wondering what they’re working towards, or if you’re simply feeling aimless in your efforts, know it just takes one day — one person to notice you — to have your life turn around. So hang in there and don’t give up! Even on the days when it’s been a good while since you’ve made even a penny and you’re tired of waiting, keep practicing patience, continue making connections, and know that if you’re working hard toward something good, it’ll likely end good.

For more information on the show, here’s a snippet from the press release:

In the upbeat new series Save My Reno (14×30), cash-conscious homeowners finally catch a break when Sebastian Clovis, the savvy contractor with contagious energy, and Sabrina Smelko, the resourceful DIY designer, toss out overpriced reno quotes and make dreams come true with a slashed budget and spectacular renovation. Sebastian and Sabrina save by putting homeowners to work and hunting for salvaged goods. Fresh off an appearance as a guest judge on an episode of W Network’s Game of Homes, Sabrina is a wiz at finding restored pieces at great prices while creating amazing designs and crafted items. Sebastian is the master at smart spends for breakout builds and custom surprises. Together, they give homeowners the reno they want on a budget they can afford. Produced by Great Pacific Television and developed in association with Corus Entertainment, Save My Reno is currently slated to premiere in Spring 2017. 

(And I hope you take the time to read the full press release here.)

ALSO, if you’d like to hop aboard and be on the show, we’re currently casting homeowners in the GTA! Have a gander at the casting call here and hopefully I’ll see you soon!

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