Leon’s Hello Sunshine is Out in The Wild!

Leon’s Hello Sunshine is Out in The Wild!

Photo: @LadyHayes

Amidst my mixed bag of skills (Britney Spears impression included), copywriting sits somewhere between design and content creation.

Between my experience working in advertising, being an Editor for Design*Sponge, writing copy for websites I’ve designed and creating illustrations to complement oodles of written works over the years, I’ve cut my teeth in myriad ways.

So when Leon’s approached me to write copy for an entire magazine—one which I was already involved with on the content side of things through room makeovers (more on that later)—it was a match made in the shade, er, sunshine.

For months, all of us involved in creating the magazine have been working quietly in the background and we’re so proud to finally announce that Hello Sunshine is out in the wild and available for pickup at any LCBO (with Food & Drink), any Leon’s location and online (where you’ll also find lots of extra blog content).

We truly hope you soak it all up and enjoy the DIYs, room makeovers, entertaining tips and recipes because as well all know too well: summer is here for a good time, not a long time.