Travel Diaries: Review and Details from our Porter Escapes Trip to Old Montreal

(This post shares the ins and ours from our third–and final–day in Old Montreal. If you haven’t checked out our day one and day two log, be sure to head there first!)

8:30am: We rise out of our food-coma-sleep and it’s a bitter-sweet feeling. We leave today, but before we go, we have one final thing planned for the morning: a two-hour spa session at Rainspa–a traditional Turkish bath to be exact. I am so ready. Shawn, on the other hand, is a little less ready. He’s never even had so much as a professional massage before, so he’s anxious.

As we’re getting ready (which simply involves changing into our seem suits and bath robes), our room-service breakfast arrives. We’re so full form the past two days of rich eating, so we treated ourselves to fruit, yogurt, and egg-white omelettes.

9:15am: We take the elevator a few floors down to Rainspa (located in the hotel) and are treated to tea and soothing music while our practitioners prepare our Hammam rooms.

In a word, the Hammam steam rooms are stunning, outfitted top-to-bottom in marble. A variety of accessories, cloths, and taps/fixtures line the walls. Our attendants calmly describe the ritual and what it involves and we listen intently, wide-eyed and naive. My bath involves lots of steam, scrubs, and sculptings, followed by an argan oil massage with the intent to re-gain a natural glow. Shawn’s involves exfoliation, cleansing with black soap, a detoxifying rhassoul body wrap, and the same argan oil massage. Wide-eyed and exited, we both leave our phones at the front desk, and eagerly enter our respective room.

It’s 11:30, and I feel like a new person. I can’t ever remember feeling more relaxed and refreshed than I do now. The only way I can describe what I just went through is with the word beautiful. From the gentle care taken with each step, to the smells of the oils, to the heat and steam that builds in the room causing the air to become thick and heavy and causing you to question if you’re still breathing.

To fully enjoy Hammam, you truly do have to surrender and let go because it is quite invasive–which makes Shawn’s recounting of his experience steeped in comedy. So where I leave rejuvenated, Shawn leaves with a fun story to tell–although we do share in one regard: our bodies are as soft as a baby’s bum. What a perfect way to end our trip. So with that, we pack our bags and bid the lovely Place d’Armes adieu.

3pm: As we await our Uber to the airport, we take one final walk around the block and grab photos of our favorite vignettes. Mine is this doorway and this whimsical statue that reminds me of Piper. We’re coming home for you, Pipes!

4:30pm: We’re at the airport awaiting our flight, reflecting on our trip and day-dreaming of the next over a snack. Outside, a snow storm brews and it seems like a poetic end to a lovely three-day escape. It was short, but it was surely sweet.

I’d like to thank Porter Escapes for their lovely services in overseeing our getaway! Once again, if you’ve never flown or traveled with them, get going! And if you have, well, then you already know how great they are.

Until the next escape!

x, S