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Still Here

Aren’t you tired of announcing yourself to the world? I am. I wish I’d just shut up sometimes.

Because everything good in my life has come to me unprompted. When I wasn’t looking. When I just let things be. When I surrendered to myself; to the world; to space and time; to whatever.

And I feel for surrender. Surrender gets a bad rap.

Surrender often implies giving up. But I like to see it as giving in. In a beautiful, vulnerable, honest way.

So for those wondering where I am, I’m still here. 

I’ve just been trying this new thing where instead of reacting, I’m receiving. Enjoying what comes when I listen. When I look out and up rather than in and down.

Because I believe (and hope) that if you wait for it, the world will eventually announce itself to you.

PS: I also just returned from Bali and Taipei, so look out for some insight into that trip soon! Just wanted to say a quick “hey” in the meanwhile.

x, S

Wake Up

This year I’ve done many important, scary and beautiful things, one of them being a part of creating this film, directed and led by Shawn.

This summer, when he found himself with a spare few days, he set out to create this film piece with help from Nicole Kawalez (the actress), Lauren Ashton (producer), Zak Scholtz (assistant director), Mike Goencz (tech), myself (art direction, styling, design, VO), Sam Compton (makeup) and John Best Challinor (audio mixing and mastering). I hope you all take a minute to watch it.

I took tons of behind-the-scenes photos from set, so find ’em below and let Shawn know what you think.

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Leon’s Hello Sunshine is Out in The Wild!

Photo: @LadyHayes

Amidst my mixed bag of skills (Britney Spears impression included), copywriting sits somewhere between design and content creation.

Between my experience working in advertising, being an Editor for Design*Sponge, writing copy for websites I’ve designed and creating illustrations to complement oodles of written works over the years, I’ve cut my teeth in myriad ways. So when Leon’s approached me to write copy for an entire magazine—one which I was already involved with on the content side of things through room makeovers (more on that later)—it was a match made in the shade, er, sunshine! Continue reading