We Took a Helicopter to Lake Lovely Water!

My 28th birthday just passed, and–no word of a lie–it was one of the best weeks of my life.

The amazing week started a few days before my birthday. Mike arranged to have my friend Lauren fly in from Toronto, and they set out an elaborate plan to make it a surprise.

It was a typical Wednesday and Mike made it seem like he was passing through town during work and just decided to come home for lunch for a change. I whipped up some sandwiches and as he walked in the door, he mentioned that he wanted to load the truck with the garbage and recycling for the dump before eating. He asked if I would help quick, I said yes, and that’s when I saw the truck and noticed something colourful in the back under the canopy. As I opened open the cover door, balloons flew out to reveal a pair of legs. I was confused, but then all of the sudden, out popped my friend Lauren! Needless to say, I was overwhelmed and in shock in the best way imaginable!

I spent Wednesday through Friday touring Lauren around Squamish and Whistler, showing off everything that’s made me come to fall in love with the west coast.

By the time Saturday arrived, I was excited all over again. I knew some other surprise had been brewing, but all I was really told was to dress for cold weather. The only other clue I had was that level two bear mace was required as part of our gear, that Piper was coming, and that she had her own set of gear!

Just after 9am, we all hopped in the truck and took off. After a short drive north, we arrived at Blackcomb Aviation and, at this point, things began to reveal themselves. We’re going in a helicopter!? To?

I quickly learned that we were flying up the Tantalus Range to Lake Lovely Water, which is exactly what it sounds like: a lake on top of a mountain.

Piper’s gear turned out to be a pair of ear muffs—specifically Mutt Muffs—and our pilot triple-checked that Piper was good to go, both gear-wise and in temperament. Turns out, she was only the second dog in history to ever have done this trip!

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December Mix Playlist

It’s been a wild several weeks. Life’s good–and music tends to follow the river it travels down. So enjoy the songs that have been stuck in my head over the last month:

PS: What platform is more helpful for you guys to listen on? I use Apple Music exclusively, but if there’s some Spotify listeners out there, would it be helpful to keep posting the playlist there, as well?

Links + Likes: Hollow Tree Candles, The Kinfolk Table, Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat, a Butter Bell +++

To Gift: A local shop here in Squamish sells Hollow Tree Candles and I bought every one they had left in the Lumberjack scent.

To Watch: If you have any interest in food, how things are made, and travel, you’ll love Salt. Fat. Acid. Heat. on Netflix. And for a curve-ball, try Gaga: Five Foot Two. Both are so fantastic!

To Read: The Kinfolk Table has quickly become not just a cookbook I refer to often, but a fun way to frame the week. I’ll pick a recipe or two that challenge me each week. Between hunting for specific fringe ingredients and the element of surprise when it comes to eating s meal you were put out of your comfort zone to make, it’s been such a fun addition to the mundane. Would make a great gift!

To Buy: Initially, I clicked on the link to this butter bell for its looks, but the function has proven to be the main attraction. For those not familiar, you pack butter in the lid and put water in the crock and leave it on your counter top. The water seals the butter from going “cheesy” but it starts spreadable being room temperature. Imagine buttering toast… With the knife in your right hand, you can easily grip the butter bell with your left hand and turn it upside down. more paired with the function of holding butter. I love mine!

Loving these sunglasses. Actually, there’s lots of good stuff at Altitude Sports. Also feeling this striped beanie.

Happy browsing!

x, S

Hunting for a Cushy, Deep Sectional (+ My Curated Picks)

In the last four years, I’ve had four sofas.

Year over year, it’s been a revolving door of upholstery. From a hand-me-down loveseat set from my mom, to a modern Gus sofa, a yellow, tufted pretty number, to a blue herringbone, slim-lined sectional.

And I’m at it again.

Beyond a seat, each furniture piece has represented change, and with this newest switch-up comes the coolest one of all: a big, cross-country moveContinue reading

Our Cross-Canada Move Experience with QMM

September and October were overwhelming months. 

To up and move across the country is a big deal. And after the excitement of securing our new place and setting moving dates wore off, the reality of the required work ahead set in. 

Sell the car; see as many friends and family as possible; clean the corners of the house that had never been touched; find a tenant; transfer utilities; cancel internet services; organize; pack; care for Piper; work full-time.

Each day felt like a giant to-do list: one that accumulated new items, just when you thought you were ahead of it. It was satisfying ticking items off, but it was definitely a task that required patience—something I’m not very good at.

But one thing we figured out early on was that we wanted to hire a moving company to help make the move more seamless. Between the heaps of stuff accumulated over the years that felt daunting to load and unload, our desire to make the drive with Piper in the truck without the hassle of renting trucks or towing trailers, and the reasonable price tag for a massive load off our shoulders, hiring Quality Move Management was a no-brainer. Continue reading