Life Lately: The Calgary Renovation Show, Ashy Brown Ombré, a Smeg Kettle + More

I DIY-ombre’d my hair at home and it turned out… not so amazing (see above photos up top). So I went to Christine at The Cutting Edge in Milton to get my hair coloured for the first time in my life and am lovin’ it.

I’ll be speaking at the Calgary Renovation Show next weekend (on January 14th at 11am and 2pm on the main stage, to be exact)! There’s still tickets available if you’re interested–and get $5 off with code ‘SABRINA’. I’m so happy to be in good company among Sarah Richardson! If you care to know a bit more about my talk, here’s the Cole’s notes:

As a multi-disciplinary designer and curious creative, Sabrina Smelko’s DIY mentality has guided her through industries from illustration and design to tech and teaching, and has now led her on-screen through her roles as co-host of HGTV Canada’s Save My Reno, Designer on Home To Win and Cityline expert. A guiding statement, a holistic action, a suggestion, and a steady theme that has marked her life and design career, Sabrina will leave you inspired to think Big Picture and empowered to tackle your own home design with confidence.

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Happy Birthday Piper (My Blue Heeler Collie Mix)

On January first Piper turned three, officially making her transition from puppy to adult doggo.

Truthfully, even though I jokingly call her my old ball and chain, through this past year of change and growth, she’s been my constant: A routine I can count on every day; A greeting I can expect every time I come home.

Even though she’s a bonafide trouble maker, I’m so grateful to always have her at my side throughout this absurd thing called life. When I need to just get out, she’s right there with me, running ahead on the footpath. When I need to just drive and blast music, she’s leaning against me, paws on the console. When I need a snuggle, she’s the first one willing to hit the chaise–but only if you don’t invade her leg room too much.

She’s been anything but a generic, easy pup to raise. She’s timid, but has a strong personality. She’s stubborn, but smart as a whip. She’s a ball of energy, but lazy AF before 1pm. She doesn’t get the difference between sit and lie down, but she can give a solid high five. She’s wiley, cautious, protective, spunky, sweet, impatient and a food vacuum. And I wouldn’t want it any other way.

To my rapscallion with a heart of gold, happy birthday!

You’re a handful, but I cannot imagine doing life without you. You’re my park pal, my music mutt, my little spoon and my best friend.

PS: Some of my fave photos throughout the years and a little write-up on her breed for anyone curious about getting a blue heeler/border collie mix are below.

x, S

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January Jams Playlist

It’s 2018 and your ears deserve some new music.

Look no further, friends. I really hope you guys enjoy this one–’cause I really do, times ten.

[To my Apple music pals, click here.]

Links + Likes: The Land Boys, Hair Art, Magnolia Wall Mural, Jamie Oliver’s Food + a Dope Backpack

More photos below *swoon*


My Happy Holiday Home Update

Just like us, our houses are a constant work-in-progress. And as life ebbs, flows and changes, so too does the home.

I’ve gone through a few big life changes over the last while, and my house has not been immune—neither has my wallet, but who’s counting? (Technically me. I am.)

We often think of home design as a tick-box list of items, but just because you bring something into your home doesn’t mean it has to stay—or that it’s the right fit forever.

A lot of the time, when people are unhappy with their homes, its because it’s filled with stuff, but not stuff they like. So if it’s not serving you, don’t be afraid to return it, sell it or hold onto it for another space!

Don’t think of your things as precious. They’re just things. If they don’t make you happy, find the things that do.

So without further ado, I’m sharing a bunch of photos of my refreshed space, all thanks to HomeSense! And, as always, Piper has the main seat at the table.

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