Our Cross-Canada Move Experience with QMM

September and October were overwhelming months. 

To up and move across the country is a big deal. And after the excitement of securing our new place and setting moving dates wore off, the reality of the required work ahead set in. 

Sell the car; see as many friends and family as possible; clean the corners of the house that had never been touched; find a tenant; transfer utilities; cancel internet services; organize; pack; care for Piper; work full-time.

Each day felt like a giant to-do list: one that accumulated new items, just when you thought you were ahead of it. It was satisfying ticking items off, but it was definitely a task that required patience—something I’m not very good at.

But one thing we figured out early on was that we wanted to hire a moving company to help make the move more seamless. Between the heaps of stuff accumulated over the years that felt daunting to load and unload, our desire to make the drive with Piper in the truck without the hassle of renting trucks or towing trailers, and the reasonable price tag for a massive load off our shoulders, hiring Quality Move Management was a no-brainer. Continue reading

New Music Mix [October 2018 Playlist]

Life’s been stressful lately.

Between filming and packing, I’ve been in a bit of a mental frenzy making sure I’m doing everything I need to to make the move easy. Other than slivers of downtime here and there, music is one of the only things that makes any given hour better. Whether I’m in my car for hour three of the day, or I’m on my knees scrubbing floors, this mix has gotten me through. And I hope whatever you’re up to, it gets you through, too.

Click here for the Apple Music playlist, or listen with Spotify below:

Breathe Easy [My Molekule Air Purifier Review]

As a kid, my understanding of air was that it came from trees and that we needed it to breathe. To go outside was to get fresh air, and the scientific makeup was N2, C2 and some other letters and numbers.

Flash-forward to being an adult and our increasingly poor air quality is a common topic. Now, we’re told to stay inside and to avoid breathing the air outdoors during certain weather periods. On a broad scale, poor air quality is linked to our emissions and climate change, but on a personal scale, it’s linked to everything from allergies and asthma to cancer and worse.

Growing up, I never had allergies. But now, I spend half the year with a slightly stuffed nose and irritated eyes or throat. And with the increased population of cars and buildings in the GTA, the addition of a furry pup named Piper, and many more factors I’m sure, it’s only bound to get worse.

Usher in Molekule, a sleek air purifier I first found on Instagram.

Before I got mine, I knew little about the air purifier game or what these machines really did beyond, well, filtering and purifying air. All I knew was wanted one—to combat my allergies and help make our indoor air cleaner. So I did a little research, and here’s the Cole’s notes on what I discovered:

For almost a century, we’ve used HEPA filters as our solution to allergies, asthma, sickness and congestion related to air quality. And while HEPA filters work to collect 99.97% of pollutants greater than .3 microns on filters, most pollutants that cause health problems are smaller than .3 microns. And if that’s not scary enough, things like mold and bacteria grow and multiply on the filters which can then escape back into the air you breathe.

That’s where Molekule differs. 

Rather than just collecting pollutants, it works through light-activated nanotechnology to destroy pollutants at their molecular level through a PECO filter. That’s really all you need to know or undersand, but if more scientific graphs and studies are your thing, check out molekule.com for exactly how it all works. 

But beyond doing its job (I have been breathing easier and waking up stuffy-nose free!), I’ll be the first to admit that vanity factored into my choice. After function, I want things in my home to look good. And an ugly air purifier just isn’t going to get as much use in my home as a pretty one because I know myself: I’d tuck it out of sight in a corner where it’s less efficient, or stash in a closet when not in use where I’d forget to pull it out enough times to be useful. I’m anything but embarrassed to have my Molekule front and centre with my decor. It sits pretty with a leather handle and minimal design.

I was only able to use my Molekule for a month before it got packed up by our movers where it’s now en route to the new place in BC, but I absolutely noticed a difference and can’t wait to set it up in the living room, front and center. 

Links + Likes: Maniac on Netflix, Amy Shark, a Yellow Striped Knit Top, Brass, JOY Art, Eminence Face Products + More

I love this JOY wall decor. Almost as much as this brass Brizo faucet.

Hung on a wall or splayed over the back of a light sofa, these fox and sheep blankets are awesome–even if they are intended for kids!

I just finished watching Maniac on Netflix. It was trippy/odd at times, funny at others, but results in an interesting commentary on our modern issues and the beauty of companionship.

This yellow striped knit top is super cute.

I love lamp.

I got a lash lift and tint the other week (not worth it IMO) but I did get an Eminence facial (totally worth it) and wanted to mention their brand as I just discovered Eminence Organic’s face products are on Amazon. I have their Strawberry Rhubarb Dermafoliant (lasts forever) and their Red Currant Cleanser.

I’m working on this month’s playlist (check out last month’s if you need some new tunes) but I can’t wait until then to share this song that’s been stuck in my head for a week now: Adore You by Amy Shark

Autumn ’18 Playlist

It’s September 24th–just two days into fall–and it seems Mother Nature knows her calendar well.

I was sweating in shorts and a tank just a week ago, and now I’m reaching for another layer under my chunky knits. But with a seasons shift comes new vibes, new changes, and a new playlist.

PS: Sorry for being so AWOL lately. Life has been cooler than ever, and ironically I’m not sharing any of it because I’m just too busy enjoying it. Soon I’ll spill more beans, but for now, enjoy this very autumn-feeling playlist on Apple Music or listen with Spotify below.