Bay Days are here! Shop the biggest discounts on hot home furniture and decor.

I didn’t plan on posting today. But when I woke up this morning and opened my inbox, one measly subject line tugged at my heart strings: Hudson’s Bay – Bay Days is on NOW!

Slapped awake with joy, I slipped out of bed without disturbing a sleeping Piper and Shawn, parked my bum on the couch, and began browsing the sales — but not after checking in on a few items I’ve had my eye on. To my delight, the boots I was humming and hawing over at $100? Just nabbed ’em for $50. Patience, indeed, is a virtue.

Without further ado, I thought I’d share my favorite handpicked pieces for the home — and tomorrow, look out for a fashion version! Click the links or the photos to shop. Enjoy!

1. Peter Accent Chair (Sadly, it’s already sold out. but Dwell’s Hans chair is a great alt — also on sale!)  |   2. Gesture I Giclee Print (sold out, but this is a gorgeous alt)  |   3. Smash Stool   |   4. Vente Ceiling Lamp   |   5. Sonya Geometric Patterned Feather Cushion   |   6. Le Creuset Round 6.7-Litre French Oven Pot   |   7. Earth Wine Cabinet   |   8. Textured Wool Cushion   |   9. Communion Dining Chair Set   |   10. Axis Ceiling Lamp   |   11. Serengeti Accent Chair   |   12. Liberty City Buffet   |   13. Driftwood stool   |   14. Colonnade Indigo Duvet Cover   |   15. Natural Ivory Barbary Rug

And PS: No, this isn’t a sponsored post, and no, I’m not being facetious — I just think The Bay is a beacon of light in the online shopping world: you just can’t argue with free doorstep delivery within days and easy returns at any retail location. I’ve been known to buy 10 similar items with the intention of only keeping one. I’d much rather try things out in the comfort of my home and only make the trip to the store to return items.