Treat Yourself With Artifact Skin Care (+ Discount...

Treat Yourself With Artifact Skin Care (+ Discounts!)

I’ve never had a spa treatment in my life. I personally find the idea of my couch or bathtub more relaxing and comforting than going to a public spa, so I opt for face masques I can apply in the comfort of my own home.

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I first discovered Artifact at Toronto’s One Of a Kind Show where they had a booth with products samples. My sister, whom was with me, fell in love with their Mint Clementine lip balm which I snuck back to buy for her as a gift.

I’m always up for supporting independent Canadian brands, especially ones that value great quality, so I’ve been following Artifact ever since.

Today I’ve teamed up with them to share their Glacial Coast Detox masque, masque brush and Konjac sponge with you– as well as a 15% discount code so you can treat yourself too.


The first thing I noticed about the masque was the minty smell. With an ingredient list that’s over 99.5% natural, I was expecting it to smell like, well, nothing (in a good way) but the smell and texture was subtle, clean and smooth.


Apparently I’ve been doing masque’s wrong my whole life, applying it with my dirty digits. So I took the opportunity to try their masque brush. Will I always use a brush? Likely not. I’m far too lazy and inconsiderate of my own face, but it definitely made the process more luxurious and feel more special.


The masque took about 20 minutes to sink in and dry, which allowed for ample time to make faces in the mirror. Don’t say you don’t!




It doesn’t hurt that the packaging is gorgeous and matches my bathroom walls (pleasant surprise!). Their logo and pops of surprise graphics are super well-designed.


Shop Artifact online and use discount code LOVE15 for 15% off (valid from February 1st – 7th).


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