Your March Horoscope, Hokkaido Milk Bread, a Denim...

Your March Horoscope, Hokkaido Milk Bread, a Denim Shirtdress, Rani Ban +++

I just discovered @RaniBan and I’m so inspired by her!

I’m a sucker for denim. I’m also a sucker for shirt dresses. Hence why I like thisssss dress!

If you’ve never made bread at home, it’s one of the most satisfying things you’ll do. I’m dying to try this recipe for Japanese Hokkaido milk bread! Apparently it’s the softest, lightest slice of heaven you’ll eat. I can practically smell it. Once I’m home from vacation I’ll surely give it a shot!

This might be my dream home (and I cannot find the source, please let me know you know it). There’s just something so poetic about a home with no filler, just views. No baseboards or moulding and minimal casing. White, high-gloss paneling and the most gorgeous natural blonde wood floors.

Refinery29 just published your March horoscope. I read mine and it was creepily accurate, as it usually is. Oh how easily I forget how I am…

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