Warby Parker Spectacle Love

Warby Parker Spectacle Love

Warby Parker never fails to impress me.

From their super-affordable and vintage-inspired glasses (starting at $95 for frames and lenses) to the fact that for every pair you buy, they give a pair to someone in need. So I was tickled pink when I noticed their recent web re-design and the addition of a blog (!) executed by High Tide (whose logo is prime) as well as their collaboration with some of my favorite designers and illustrators such as Geoff McFetridge who designed the new store fa├žade and interior wall art at The Standard, Hollywood.

I have two pairs myself; the Ripley in Whiskey Tortoise (pictured) and the now discontinued Owen Revolver’s in Black Matte for $170 and $95 respectively. Honestly, I shop around–hard–and I haven’t been able to find a better deal on glasses this stylish.

So when I was playing around with my camera shooting them with my propagated succulent, I decided, heck, I’m writing a post about WP right this darn minute. So voila! They’ve remained a favorite brand of mine for years and they keep improving and improving.

Coley Crystal Eyeglasses

Oh, and they have a wicked new fall collection which includes these awesome clear specs named Coley as well as rad sunglasses and a single monocle.


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