Why Luck is Bogus: Waiting At The Door For Opportu...

Why Luck is Bogus: Waiting At The Door For Opportunity To Knock

In my career and life, I’ve been referred to as lucky.

On paper, it seems I stumble into good fortune by fluke, and I believe other “lucky” people are often misjudged as having fallen into opportunities by accident. And we uphold this false belief because no one wants to be the asshole who corrects people in casual conversation when they’re told, “wow, you’re so lucky! I wish I was just as lucky.”

But while on my recent trip to Cuba, I (finally) read (devoured) Outliers: The Story of Success, and I couldn’t help but feel compelled to write this post and put together a YouTube video (below) offering tips for how to become “lucky” in an effort to hopefully bring some clarity to a conversation about success that’s often clouded with bitterness by some who unfairly categorize people into two boxes: those who are lucky, and those who aren’t.

Check out the video (shot by Shawn) and my tips by watching below:

What I truly believe is that “luck” can’t happen to people who haven’t done something to put themselves in a position to receive it.

In other words, for opportunity — often mistaken as luck — to happen, you have to be ready to seize it, and that requires that you’ve worked hard to do certain things in such a way that you’re able to say yes and jump when prompted to.

Every successful person who you might coin as lucky did a heck of a lot more than wait for their 15 seconds in the spotlight. They all worked — and worked hard — to set up some kind of framework and foundation to not only be noticed by those who offered a golden opportunity, but to be in a place where it was then “easy” to follow through that open door.

Every little thing you do today can (and does) add up to something bigger later.

Sure, luck exists, but it’s not the only ingredient in the equation — Luck can only happen when opportunity meets perfect timing meets ability and just a dash of enough confidence. That’s the sweet spot.

If you’re sitting at home waiting for opportunity to knock, wondering why others get chances you don’t, try looking at it more objectively: Are you doing everything you can to be open to those opportunities? Are you constantly working when no one’s watching? Are you preparing for luck to happen so that you can jump when asked? Are you putting yourself out there and trying new things? Are you constantly reaching out and offering to buy people a drink?

If you’re still waiting for your lucky break, keep your eye on that door and keep chugging alone — opportunity will eventually come a’ knockin’. So be prepared for it.