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Overall, I Love Overalls

And jumpsuits are my jam.

Regardless of this trend, I’ve been a fan of coveralls, jumpsuits, overalls and rompers for a few years and my love only grows, so I thought I’d round up a ton of my favorites at the moment: Continue reading

A Gift Idea For The Guy In Your Life

Calling all dudes — or ladies buying gifts for dudes!

Every year I post a big gift guide targeted mostly to ladies, so I wanted to throw an idea out there today for that special dude in your life, be it your dad, brother, boyfriend, uncle or husband.

Whether you have no facial hair, or a beard that reaches your belly, Cutthroat‘s selection of awesome men’s grooming products would make a great gift for any guy in your life. (And pssst, there’s a discount code below!)


Shawn uses a bunch of their products and I looooooove the smell of them (and actually prefer it to cologne) — and the fact that they’re handmade in small batches in Canada is a big bonus for me as someone who likes buying local. So if you have a minute, check them out online and use code holiday17 for 17% off!




Tools of The Trade: Juniper Briggs

Juniper Briggs (who yes, has a fantastic name!) is an abstract artist, writer and curator based in the suburbs of Washington, D.C. Her work is soft but bold and nondescript in the best way possible; I particularly like her piece, Lotus. When she’s not busy painting, she’s raising her family of two girls, renovating her home with mountain-man husband or exploring the local farms and wineries by bicycle. Today she’s sharing her must-have tools for life and business! Be sure to catch her on Facebook and Instgaram as well. Ooh, and if you like these features and run a business yourself which you’d like to share, please fill out the form at the bottom of this post!

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Tools of The Trade: Alisha Nicole of Early August

I first discovered Alisha Nicole on Instagram a few months ago and we’ve been internet pals ever since. Alisha operates and runs Early August, a boutique online shop that offers affordable daily essentials ranging from accessories to home decor items. A while back, she was kind enough to send me some jewelry pieces which I shared in this blog post, and her baby moon necklace is now a staple of mine that I forget to take off half the time.

More than ever, running an e-commerce business requires you to wear many hats; the designer, the accountant, the social media hand, the writer/blogger and the sales department, to name a few. So I asked Alisha what her must-have tools are to run her business and this was her answer:

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Hustlers: Jon Lo of The Happy Mundane

Hustlers: Jon Lo of The Happy Mundane

I first found Jon Lo on Instagram and have been following him every since. He’s a seasoned blogger who helped pave the path for the rest of us, all while running his design business and collaborating on projects with other brands such as his newest project, The Octopian.

Our conversations started in early January and ventured from the topic of selling out to architecture to Mindy Kaling to the words “magical” and “meme”. Here’s out candid chat:

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