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A New York Minute: Lower Manhattan + FiDi Finds

Last week, I made a quick departure to NYC (specifically Lower Manhattan) during the winter blizzard.

It was only a week ago that I was there, but it feels like months ago. Since I’ve been back, life’s been a bit of a whirlwind. Between planning for upcoming renovations, working with a few new brands, reviewing spots, and pitching video, I’m just as busy as I was when I was still filming, which I did not anticipate. But it’s alllllll good stuff, and I cannot complain.

Anyhow, back to NYC. I went to the big apple to meet up with the Wayfair team along wide Chip Wade and Alison Victoria to rifle through the entries into the Trade Tastemaker awards, but because of the bad snow storm that hit last Thursday, I went a day early on Wednesday to avoid flight cancellations. And to my delight, I found myself suddenly with a boatload (okay, maybe 24 hours) of free time.

After landing at La Guardia, I hailed a cab and headed straight to Gild Hall in Lower Manhattan where I was immediately greeted with a glass of bubbly. I’m normally a BnB kinda lass (I just prefer the comfort of feeling like I’m in a home) but I’d happily up and move into Gild Hall for the rest of time. The atmosphere was just so intimate and cozy, with plenty of warm leather and wood, brass details, and ambient lighting.

I’m a sucker for most hotel beds (especially when it’s a king to myself), but this one was a real treat. Their giant tufted leather headboard with integrated swing-arm sconces is inspiring my future master bedroom goals.

I wish I could say that I went out and hit the town that first night, but it was 7pm and after a day of travel, all I wanted was comfort food and sleep. I ended up ordering room service from Felice and enjoyed their roasted bacon brussel sprouts and pappardelle alla salsiccia (only mine pictured are with penne because I requested gluten free, so imagine nice flat, wide noodles that are actually appropriate for this dish). All was yum. I then sat in bed with KUWTK on and wrote this blog post before crashing shortly after.

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Busy Bee Tips + Ideas for Better Mornings + Easier Commutes

Busy Bee Tips + Ideas for Better Mornings + Easier Commutes

In general, I’ve gone into this year with the goal of being more intentional (which I wrote all about here).

And sure, this practice has informed so much of my life for the better, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still mornings I have to wake up at 5am and rush out of the house in a hurry. So today, I thought I’d share my tips, tricks and ideas for guaranteeing more enjoyable mornings and less stress-filled commutes. x,S

(PS: My bag is from Opelle, and you can shop the rest of my outfit at the bottom of the post)

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Day 3: Escaping to Old Montreal

Travel Diaries: Review and Details from our Porter Escapes Trip to Old Montreal

(This post shares the ins and ours from our third–and final–day in Old Montreal. If you haven’t checked out our day one and day two log, be sure to head there first!)

8:30am: We rise out of our food-coma-sleep and it’s a bitter-sweet feeling. We leave today, but before we go, we have one final thing planned for the morning: a two-hour spa session at Rainspa–a traditional Turkish bath to be exact. I am so ready. Shawn, on the other hand, is a little less ready. He’s never even had so much as a professional massage before, so he’s anxious.

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Day 2: Escaping to Old Montreal

Travel Blog: Diaries from our Porter Escapes Trip to Old Montreal

Rise and shine!

(This post chronicles our second day in Old Montreal with Porter Escapes. If you missed the post chronicling the first day of our trip, check it out here.)

10am: We sleep in! We didn’t realize that — in addition to the water bottles and chocolate — the turndown service at Place d’Armes also shut our blackout blinds, so every time I opened my eyes and didn’t see sun I went back to bed. Ha! I’m actually really happy about this because I haven’t slept past 8am in ages. I think every vacation should have at least one mandatory “sleep the heck in” day.

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