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An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh

An Eclectic + Laid-back Moody Bedroom Refresh

My relationship with my bedroom lately can be summed up with the saying, “quality over quantity.”

A lot has changed since I last shared my bedroom, and while it’s mostly changes in my professional life (bye-bye sleep!), I believe that the form and function of one’s home simply can’t escape the transformation and growth of those who dwell in it. Home, after all, is a living and breathing thing that ebbs and flows just as we do!

From a design point-of-view, I re-constructed our closet and installed a sliding bar door, I replaced and updated our lighting, and made some changes to the decor. But more important than the look and function of a room is the reason behind those changes — and in the case of my bedroom, it was a little thing called quality of life.

Since I began filming my new HGTV show, Save My Reno, sleep and what I like to call “the ease of mornings” has become more important to me than ever. And yet here I was, sleeping on a seven year-old worn and tired mattress — it even had a few popped coils right in the middle, so sleeping comfortably became a strategy rather than a given.

I hit my limit a few weeks ago and (ironically) stayed up one night shopping online for new bedding, a new mattress and new pillows. In my search, I stumbled upon Tempur-Pedic’s Embrace Mattress and Soft + Conforming Pillows. I had never invested in a good mattress or pillows before — not to mention, one’s made from specialty foam — so I was nervous to commit, but in the end I decided to bite the bullet and give it a shot! At the very least, it had to be better than my rinky-dink popped coil bed of doom.

While I waited for the mattress and pillows to be delivered, I decided to give the rest of the room a well-deserved refresh. On top of ordering new bedding (a linen duvet and sham set from UO, and a Calvin Klein fitted sheet and sham set), I hung up some new art and baskets I found at Homesense.

Rather than starting from scratch, I kept my bed, the blue walls (painted in Marine Magic by Behr), and all of the furniture and simply layered in interesting art, decor, a vintage rug, and added new plants. In general, I actually pared the entire space back a bit and ended up taking away furniture pieces that we didn’t use as frequently to give it an airier, more laid-back feel.

As for how I like my Tempur-Pedic mattress, you can look out for a blog post next week that gives my full review (I want an extra week of sleeping on it to really offer some good nuggets), but what I can say so far is that while I’m getting less sleep than ever before in my life, I feel more rested. It’s hard to describe the difference, but even when I know I haven’t slept enough mentally, I feel rested physically.

I hope you enjoy the photos below! And be sure to check back next week because I’ll be sharing more about how I’m staying energized and zen despite life’s craziness. xo, Sabrina

An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh  An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh An Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom RefreshAn Eclectic + Laid-back Bedroom Refresh

Mattress + Pillows: Tempur-Pedic    |   Baskets + Beveled Mirror: Homesense   |   Artwork above bed: Sergio Aquino, Ness Lee, and Kathleen Wescoat-O’Neill   |   Artwork over dresser: Sunday B. Morning Fairchild Paris Chanel No. 5 print   |   Lamps: Vintage + Leon’s   |   Bed: Leon’s   |   Bedding: Urban Outfitters Linen Duvet + Shams, Calvin Klein fitted sheet and sham set  |   Nightstand + Dresser: Leon’s   |   Rug: ECarpetGallery

A Whimsical Wallpaper + Five Hours = A Bold Entryway Refresh

Navy + Copper Wallpaper

For the past year, my entry-way went through its awkward teen years.

Since I finished my kitchen reno (which was nearly a year ago to the day), I had intended to do something with this wall along my entry. In the reno process, I updated my electrical and painted, and because I intended to fix this wall much sooner, I was sloppy with my paint and never patched or painted around the electrical plates.

Then a year passed.

But I’m glad I can finally say that it’s done! It took a year for me to figure out what to do with this span of wall, but better late than never! Why did it take so long, you ask? Well, I knew I didn’t want to paint it the same hue I used everywhere else, but I also didn’t want to keep it as a painted accent wall. Somewhere along the road of life, I decided I don’t like painted accent walls — but, that I do enjoy feature walls when they’re outfitted in wallpaper, a wood feature like shiplap, or a mural.


I fell for the idea of wallpapering the run of wall, and then fell even harder when I found Unison Home’s Sashi Geo wallpaper. So when I found myself with a day off last week, my mom came over to lend a hand (thanks mom!) and we transformed my entry-way in mere hours. The rest of this post will show before and after shots, and near the bottom, I’ve shared my process, tips, and tricks.

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#HelloProKitchenReno: One Year Later (with Updates)!

Thanks to Facebook’s on this day feature, I was reminded that one year ago today, I began renovating my kitchen.

The before photo in the GIF above was taken just after Habitat for Humanity left after taking apart my kitchen and hauling it off to be sold. It marked the beginning of a series of headaches, smiles, satisfying wins, and some loses, all of which I documented on Leon’s blog, Hello Yellow, in partnership with Frigidaire Professional®.

I thought it would be fun to share updated photos of what my kitchen looks like today, and my thoughts on what I’d do differently, what I’ve fallen for even more, and my review of IKEA’s SEKTION kitchen system, various products, and my appliances.

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Things I Like: The Float Frame by Artifact Uprising

Things I Like: The Float Frame by Artifact Uprising

I haven’t spent a ton of time at home lately.

With such a busy schedule, I’m constantly hopping between other people’s homes, which, in turn, has led me to hold dear my own home more than ever.

For me, a lot of the feel-good vibes that home gives me come from my art, my plants, and my family. So when I found myself with an unexpected day off this week, the first thing I did was hang-up two new art pieces from Artifact Uprising that had been beckoning me for weeks since I received them in the mail.


Things I Like: The Float Frame by Artifact Uprising

Previously, I featured Artifact Uprising’s lay-flat hardcover photo book, and today, I’m sharing the inside scoop and an up-close look at my newest infatuation: their  float frame.

Things I Like: The Float Frame by Artifact Uprising

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Before + After: My Itty Bitty Pink Bathroom Makeover

A retro pink bathroom makeover!

My bathroom is tiny, and yet it sees the most action in a given day– and that ain’t ever changing.

It’s always been challenging finding ways to make it work better for us without making any drastic changes to the layout — because at the end of the day, we aren’t willing to make it bigger (as it would entail stealing room from our master bedroom or entry closet — both of which we’re not willing to make smaller), and it would break our hearts to remove the original tile. So the only option I’m left with is making minor aesthetic upgrades.

For the past two years, the bathroom was painted blue, and if I’m really being honest, I hummed and hawed over the choice to say goodbye to the blue room and go pink — and I even spent a few hours regretting my decision — but only after it was painted did I realize how dark the blue paint made the room. On the tone scale, it was at least three shades darker than the pink, and with only one window and a tiny vanity mirror, it seems that light got soaked up in the walls.


But excuses and reasons aside, sometimes you simply just need a change of scenery, so after a few years spent cycling through renovations in other rooms in the house, this bathroom caught my curious eye once again and I decided it was finally time to carry out my dreams of a pink bathroom  — an itch that only got itchier after I spotted this gorgeous Quiet Town Home shower curtain online.

So without further ado, here’s another shot of the room from the day I bought the house back in 2013, compared to now:

A retro pink bathroom makeover with Quiet Town Home

Other than wall colour and laying black vinyl tiles over the old vinyl tile, little else changed save for decor and lighting — which just goes to show how much of an impact you can make on a space with just paint, tiny upgrades to flooring or lighting, and decor.

A retro pink bathroom makeover with Quiet Town Home

The wall tile is the same original retro 50s tile as before, as is the pedestal sink, bathtub, all of the hardware and faucets, and the Toto toilet (thanks previous home owners for having amazing taste in toilets). In an ideal would (and perhaps the future) I’d love to replace the sink and bathtub, but my heart has palpitations thinking about the possibility of damaging the tile. All in time.

A retro pink bathroom makeover with Quiet Town Home

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