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#SabrinasBathroom: The Reveal

At long last, my bathroom renovation is complete.

And before I dive into pretty pictures, I have to give big ups to my patient sponsors: Delta Faucet, Lowe’s Canada, Creekside Tile and Unison Home. (I’ve linked to all products below). If you haven’t followed along so far, take a pause and check out the whole series here first.

If I’m being real, my bathroom has been three years in the making. Upon moving in, this is what my bathroom looked like (above). Right away, I made a mini-update which mainly included stripping the wallpaper and painting. I liked the retro wall tiles, actually—still do—which made removing them bitter-sweet. But some were cracked, some were chipping and an update was inevitable. But I digress! Back to the first update I made: Continue reading

#SabrinasBathroom: The Home Stretch

We’re just days away from having a completed bathroom.

And it’s shaping up to be even better than I anticipated. (Did I mention yet how happy I am that I contracted this job out and didn’t DIY it?! ‘Cause I am.) But however pretty, true to typical reno form, it’s taken longer than planed for. Between some upgrades I made last-minute, a few changes along the way, and the inevitable complications of a 70 year-old home, we’re only about a week over my goal—which isn’t all that bad.

I’ve also changed my mind on a few things (as I typically do during a build, for the better). So without further ado, I wanted to jump right in and share an update. [But if you haven’t checked out the first two posts on this space, click here for the intro and here for the first process post.]

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#SabrinasBathroom: The Beauty and The Build

Remodels are never as easy as they seem. And designing your own space when there are limitless options is tough. So with the build of #SabrinasBathroom underway, I thought I’d share a huge post chronicling all of the decisions I made, why I made them and how my heart ache can help you.

Although I’m keeping every fixture and all of the plumbing in the same spot in my bathroom, there’s no such thing as a quick gut and replace. And if you’re like me and obsess over the details and never tire until you’ve scrolled through every single page on every lighting, tile, fixture etc. site, then you know how hard it is to make final calls. And how changing one item can affect another.

This bathroom remodel stubbornly followed suit, so I’m sharing all of the pains in the butt/choices I ran into and how I’ve fixed/settled on them. (And big shout out to my contractors at Elite Signature Homes for helping me through the build. Yes, I chose to not DIY this one and instead hired a crew to tackle the build of my design. More on that choice in a later post).

x, S

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My (Proudly Canadian) Home Tour

In celebration of Canada’s 150th birthday, I thought I’d share an updated tour of my space, one which is proudly home to a mix of Made in Canada pieces, thrift store finds and old faithfuls from big-box shops.

In tandem, HGTV Canada popped by and filmed a tour of my home (with Piper cameos, of course). In it, I also chat about my love for chips and candy, my design MO and share some intimate insight into my space, so please let me know what you think!

Since my last home update, I’ve changed about half of the rooms in my home—some in subtle ways, some in drastic ways. So let’s dive right in, room by room. (And as always, a huge source list by room is included below.) Continue reading

A Small (but Mighty) Moody Dressing Room

Pre-S: This room makeover was completed for Hello Sunshine magazine. While this post will dive more into the design process and my personal choices, click here for the editorial, shot by the lovely Scarlet O’Neill and check out my tips for easier mornings.

How sweet it is to be changed in you!

I really hope you all sung that to the tune of Marvin Gaye’s How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You). And if you did, I want to stop… and thank you baby 😉

Anyhow, life lately has been a cocktail of stress and the unknown mixed with happiness and progress. I’m in limbo as I await to hear if we’re renewed for a second season of Save My Reno so I’ve been taking the time to really evaluate what I truly want next while I renovate our bathroom and essentially support Shawn in a super-busy period with his business, Wild and Light. Life has a funny way of working where only one of us is slammed and in need of support at a given time. And after I had a period of filming for 5 months straight, it’s now his turn to be AWOL. I have no clue what we’ll do with Piper if we ever coordinate our work business…

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