Pegboards: The Answer to Your Home Office Organization Problems

I work from home in a humble 70 square foot office studio, which—up until a few months ago—did the trick.

But as I take on more and more projects, my home studio seems to have become exponentially more cluttered, messy and disorganized. Between office stationary, cords, headphones, paint, tools, fabric swatches, tablets and more, you could barely see the surface of my desk. And while I do have two large bookshelves, they’re out of arm’s reach when I’m working away and need to access something quickly so they go unused. I desperately needed a solution before my head exploded.

So while I was brainstorming ideas—looking up at my wall—it hit me that I was severely under-utilizing my vertical wall space. So I immediately hit up my local Canadian Tire and found the answer to my office organization woes: The Bulldog Peg-A-System. I’ll allow the before and after to speak for itself.





How awesome is that! No more are pegboards just for the garage or shed. Each kit is $35 and comes with four panels that you can customize to any configuration you like to fit any corner or wall—big or small—as well as all the hanging accessories and mounting hardware you need. If you want extra boards, Canadian Tire also offers an additional kit of 2 Peg-A-System panels for 13.99.



To my complete (and welcome) surprise, the baskets and many of the pegboard accessories are capped with this awesome bright red which happened to match perfectly with my existing decor, but if you’re not into red you can ditch them and use the all-metal pieces only.


What’s great is that pegboards are universal so any pegboard accessory fits any pegboard. I picked up the larger grey baskets separately at Canadian Tire as well. If you’re feeling extra crafty, you could even pop in various lengths of 1/4″ wooden dowel or pencils for fun hook and holder alternatives!


I used to store all of my office supplies such as pencil holders, headphones and staplers on my desk which took up a lot of valuable space. But now they hang out of my way but are still within arms-reach when I’m sitting at my computer and need to grab something quick!


The 1’x2′ boards are held together by a sliding panel system so you can join them on the long end or short end in any shape you like (you can see mind in a T formation in the photo above.) You could even form the boards into the shape of a letter or hashtag symbol if you’re feeling adventurous! I must admit that I was tempted to make an H for Hands and Hustle but went with the subtler approach of hanging these super-awesome old-school metal letters which I simply hung from some of the hooks from the kit. I got them from Canadian Tire as well for pennies!

While the kit comes with an instruction booklet, it’s really not necessary. The whole wall took me under a half hour to install. First you decide your layout, then you simply level and hold the top panel in place while you drill into the top left and top right holes of the pegboard–no brackets, spacers or unnecessary pieces. You can faintly see my guiding pencil marks and the black screw to the top left corner of my Go Hogs Go license plate. Once the first panel is in (which I installed horizontally) you simply slide on the next panel using the connector.

You can screw the remaining panels in place for extra support, but I purposely chose not to; I’m not hanging anything heavy enough that extra support is needed and this way, I get to keep my options open if I want to change the configuration. If I change my mind, I can simply slide out every panel after the first and reconfigure anyway I like using just the connectors as fasteners.


Once my pegboard system was installed I livened my studio up with plenty of decor, a large mirror to make my space seem bigger and brighter and plenty of plants, plants, plants!




And voila! A pegboard really can be used in any room in your home or office. I actually have 2 panels and plenty of accessories left over that I’ll be using in my front entrance for things like keys, hats, mitts, umbrellas and all of those dreaded nick-knacks that clutter your entryway table so well!