Still Here

Aren’t you tired of announcing yourself to the world? I am. I wish I’d just shut up sometimes.

Because everything good in my life has come to me unprompted. When I wasn’t looking. When I just let things be. When I surrendered to myself; to the world; to space and time; to whatever.

And I feel for surrender. Surrender gets a bad rap.

Surrender often implies giving up. But I like to see it as giving in. In a beautiful, vulnerable, honest way.

So for those wondering where I am, I’m still here. 

I’ve just been trying this new thing where instead of reacting, I’m receiving. Enjoying what comes when I listen. When I look out and up rather than in and down.

Because I believe (and hope) that if you wait for it, the world will eventually announce itself to you.

PS: I also just returned from Bali and Taipei, so look out for some insight into that trip soon! Just wanted to say a quick “hey” in the meanwhile.

x, S

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