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Save My Reno: Ken + Elisa’s Family-Friendly Basement

Guys, this is a bittersweet post. Last night was the season finale of Save My Reno on HGTV Canada. *tear*

Every week, I’ve been sharing these recaps and insights and it’s going to be so strange to not have to work on these posts weekly. The good news is I’ll have more time for other types of posts (look for tons of recently-neglected fashion, lifestyle and business advice pieces to come!), the bad news is that this signifies the end of Save My Reno season one.

It’s a strange time, but I’m trying to see it as the beginning rather than the end. Until a hopeful next season, I’ll nostalgically re-read all of my previous Save My Reno posts (nah, I probably won’t… but if you’ve missed them, you should)! Anyhow, on to the FINAL episode:

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Save My Reno: Lainie and Brian’s Eclectic Main Floor Reno

This episode was a wild one.

I don’t know what was in the water, but when all four of us got together, at least one of us couldn’t help but break into song and dance. Between the “D-E-M-O” chant, Lainie and I’s dance-a-thons (there were many), and our cabinet-removal competition (which wasn’t shown, but which Lainie and I won), we were all a little loony.

As far as different-looking goes, this episode definitely wins the award for most dramatic transformation of the season. We not only removed every wall on their main floor, but we flipped the kitchen location completely. Missed this episode? Watch it here!

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Save My Reno: Raj + Riva’s (Not So) Traditional Kitchen

Raj and Riva may have had traditional taste, but the tricks we pulled to keep this project on budget were anything but.

After living with their boring brown kitchen for 11 years, this couple was itching for change. Ironically, the layout wasn’t an issue and they surely had enough cabinets, but they were mostly doors—no drawers or systemized organization. They craved better function, better appliances, a dining area, stone counters, and a backsplash (because they had NONE).

Missed this episode? Watch it on!

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Save My Reno: Rob + Caitlin’s Master Suite

A mattress on the floor, mismatched hand-me-down dressers and no door to the bathroom—but nearly 400 square feet of untapped potential!

Rob and Caitlin’s master retreat was huge but neglected. With four kids and another on the way, they never made time to prioritize their own room which is something that rings true for many families. But call in these two cool cats, and you’ve got a solution (as you can see by our power poses) 😉

This was the only master suite we tackled in the series so demo was a much-needed relief. No cabinets, no appliances, just carpet-removal. And well, okay, tile and wall removal in the bathroom. I also had fun looking for bathroom futures. I’m currently planning my own bathroom remodel, so I got a few ideas in my travels…

Design-wise, I much prefer to chase a feeling rather than a look, and the feeling we wanted to capture in a nutshell was: comfort, luxury, serenity and regal-ness while keeping in mind Rob’s East-coast upbringing and affinity for rustic, cottage vibes. This space had to become a retreat for this couple. After years of only looking out for their kids, they deserved to have a master suite that allowed them to connect, rest and recharge.

On top of the acrylic clawfoot tub we nabbed for a few hundred bucks, another super-cool find was this vintage solid wood door we found at a salvage shop. I personally loved the ware and tear, and the wood tone was soooooo perfect with the purple and mauve colour motif we had going. Continue reading