What’s Currently Fueling My Mornings

What’s Currently Fueling My Mornings

As a busy person who works from home, breakfast is often just a thought. Or worse, it’s an hour-long  event while watching AM television.

So I gave OatBox and Parachute Coffee a whirl, which happened to be a packing match made in heaven (and are both Canadian companies close to home which I love supporting).


Parachute Coffee is a subscription-based company out of Toronto that ships you a new batch of coffee beans from a different Canadian roaster every month. Included in each airdrop (like a parachute, get it?) is a write-up on the roaster–which, in January, was ROSSO Coffee Roasters with their Colombian blend,  La Union.


It’s a cool way to discover new beans that are otherwise hard to discover or find in-store. I struggle finding a go-to bean so it’s great for people like me who want to try a bunch and find “the one.” Plus, for those who already have a go-to bean for their morning fuel, it’s a fun way to try new tastes leisurely on weekends or afternoons and evenings.


Similar to Parachute Coffee, Oatbox ships their customers two different mixes every month inspired by the seasons and brings together three things I love; healthy and simple food, doing good, and a handmade, artisan approach to their business, sharing batch numbers on their packaging, which is super well-designed.



Included with the two large bags is the cutest little glass air-tight container that can be used to make layered parfaits for on-the-go snacking and keeps in the fridge overnight for a quick, already-made bite in the morning.


The ingredient list is full of only natural, real foods with no flavoring, coloring or preservatives added. And for every box shipped, they donate $1 to the Breakfast Club of Canada. Nice! But my favourite part has to be that on their site they specify that the cereals are “inspired by entrepreneurs, foodies, artists, early birds and busy people.” I can get into that.


I thought I’d find the Lemon Citron granola bitter, but the mix of thyme, lemon and flax seed was rich, yummy and nutty. It pairs nicely atop a vanilla, lemon or natural yogurt. The ginger, dates, and walnuts mix is sweeter (and the featured granola in the video) and makes a great snack on its own or with milk.


I tend to be picky with granola (finding it too sweet or too crunchy/too soft) but overall, I was impressed and pleasantly surprised with their mixes. They tasted like my mom made them which is perhaps the best compliment I could give.

Overall, Oatbox (made in Montreal) and Parachute Coffee (with HQ in Toronto) get gold stars in my book, and I may be a biased but supporting Canadian small businesses is pretty sweet.

Busy people, what do you have for breakfast?