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Home To Win Is Back! Enter to Compete To Win a Dream Home!

Ever wish you could enter to win a dream house simply by partaking in a series of fun competitions in the company of 30 HGTV stars? Well, you’re in luck my friends…

Home To Win is back for a second season (featuring yours truly!) and submissions are now open, so head over to and enter today to compete to win a gorgeous home! Trust me guys, it’s a real beaut.

Then starting April 30th at 10pm EST, watch it all go down on HGTV. But until then, have a gander at the Home To Win site. (I do everyday and still pinch myself when I see my face among the oodles of people I’ve watched on TV and looked up to forever).

And in more fun news, glimpse yours truly in this cute short below as I fail at hammer tossing (and scare the daisies out of Carson Arthur), and enjoy some snaps from our time on set.

PS: My pink puffer is from Urban Outfitter, the necklace is from TopShop, and the pins on my jean shirt are from my pals Ness Lee, Rachelle Letain, and The Blk Smith Co.

So pretty please watch starting April 30th at 10pm pn HGTV Canada 🙂

x, S

Life Lately: Things I Can’t Show or Tell

My blog has always been the place I share all the things, all the time.

But lately, I haven’t been able to because everything I’m working on is top secret and can’t be shared until early April when my show airs — Oh, and I totally forgot to mention, I’ve also hopped aboard Home To Win (Season 2), so you can see me on that show come April as well. Gah!

I so wish I could show you the amazing transformations Sebastian and I are executing, and the homeowners we’ve become pals with along the way.

I wish I could take you along for the ride and let you in on my process, and the cool stores and pieces I’ve discovered. And I wish you could all be in the side-seat of my car as I drive from site to site sprinkling creative tomfoolery around.

My phone is filled to the BRIM with photos of everything I’m working on, and the amazing homes we’re renovating and designing, but I can’t share any of it — not yet at least!

That all has to wait until early April when my show finally airs on HGTV Canada (and I promise, I’ll be spilling ALL the beans then), but until then, all I CAN share is photos of Piper, abstracted table settings, and photos of my outfits. So bear with me and enjoy some of my outfits and snaps into life below! 😉

Here are links to my yellow tunic, heart shirt, and the circle earrings above.

Glasses are from Clearly.

Shoes are from Aldo (similar ones here, here and here), and the dress is Ted Baker (the matching coat is amazing)

I met Dave and Kortney Wilson from Masters of Flip on my birthday! Coolest b-day spontaneous surprise.

Spotted top is from Zara and earrings are Topshop.

Had a flaming good time blowing glass!

My shoes and jacket are H&M, and the leather dress is BCBG.

Studded ripped jeans are from TopShop, shoes are Lucky Brand.

Happy holiday everyone! Can’t wait to share more 😉

Life With Piper, My Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix Mutt

Of all of the pages and pages of posts I’ve shared over the years, the one that still gets the most reads and comments is the post I shared about raising our pup, Piper.

People far and wide have emailed me asking about her temperament, how I think she’d fare with young kids, etc., so as Pipes heads into adulthood, I thought I’d share an update on my little body guard and BFF.

To start, I thought I’d share photos of what her mom and pops looked like:

Life With Piper, My Blue Heeler Border Collie Mix Mutt

We chose Piper from a litter of four pups from a farm up in Northern Ontario. We always joke about how we “saved” her from a life of hard work herding cattle — the lucky little spoiled bum! She’s now a few months away from turning two and she’s maxed out at 32 lbs which is oddly tiny for the breed — but her parents are heeler collie mixes too, so who knows how that worked itself out.

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Life Lately: Filming + Fashion

HGTV Canada's Save My Reno Behind the Scenes

The past few weeks have been a whirlwind!

I’ve gone from being a freelance homebody that barely left home to essentially becoming a nomad; living out of a bag, driving across the GTA from place to place, leaving a trail of granola bar crumbs, drywall dust, and hairspray. And actually wearing shoes on the reg — this, admittedly, is new for me. (In the photo above, I’m donning Aldo’s Sergioa heels while tile sourcing.)

In essence, my life at the moment is go go go, 24/7 — and I’m relieved to discover that I love it. I didn’t come from a background in TV, and I didn’t pursue this path, so there was always a fear in the back of my brain that perhaps I wouldn’t enjoy the work or the lifestyle, but I’m so happy to say that I’m really liking it. (For anyone completely lost on what I’m talking about, read this post fist.)
I’m constantly meeting new people (who become pals), and touring myriad homes that scream with potential. It’s inspiring, and I feel alive. Prior, I was at home all day in front of a laptop, save for the odd time I had to meet a client in person, so to be out and about is a welcome change.

There have been so many moments over the past few weeks I’ve been itching to share, but I’ve either been so flippin’ busy without a second to spare, or I’ve been sworn to secrecy 😉 So while I can’t share photos of the spaces or places or any specifics about what I’ve been working on, I can give you some sneak peeks into my life as of late.


x, S


I adore my makeup artist and hair warrior, Lynne Ryan — although, she’s so much more than that. It’s all the little things she does that make my day better, like her care when it comes to water bottle labeling and her straw-lid-hole technique. My top is from Ted Baker, and the hoops are from Aldo.



Unfortunately, these Serling cage heel loafers are sold out nearly everywhere, but fingers crossed they go back in stock because they are mint and so comfy!

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