Lately | October 16th 2014

Fall is most definitely here and I feel increasingly like a sack of potatoes–happy potatoes, albeit.

I’m a sucker when it comes to the cold, so anything under 10 is freezing to me, which means the slow end to our usual long evening walks. Anyhow, I’ve been happy to be a shut-in, plugging away at various projects in my home studio, which isn’t as cool as it sounds. The truth is, my office is about 10’x8′ and 10 steps from my bedroom, and I’m already outgrowing it. When I work on client work, all I need is a laptop and sketchbook for the most part, but as I’ve been experimenting with fabric printing and home goods and apparel, my studio isn’t quite cutting it anymore. I’ve been slowly taking over the living room and it’s a pattern I don’t want to turn into a habit so I’ve painted and refreshed my large basement workshop/laundry room in preparation for the impending reality that I may have to migrate down there for certain projects.

Alas, that ends my complaints as everything else is peachy. So what’s going on in my world?

1. I’ve been asked to take part in a show at Made Design later this year, curated by Julia Breckenreid. The brief? We have to create a 3D object/thing, priced at $200. The image above is a sneak peek of a print I created that will become a tiny aspect of what I plan to execute. I’ve ordered a test piece to see how it prints, but I’ll keep y’all guessing as to what I’m actually making until later.

2. I’m now officially contributing to Design*Sponge’s sneak peek feature and I’m enjoying it greatly. I find it a tad challenging describing other people’s style in my own words based on photos from their homes, but it’s something that comes easier each post I craft. I have 2 sneak peek posts in queue and they should be going live shortly (I’ll be sure to share the links!) I’m so excited to be working with the extremely talented and gracious staff, including Grace. I think I’m going to learn a lot from them all–duh.

3. Last week I shared an illustration print I created for Spun Studio Toronto’s Indiegogo campaign which has fulfilled their $8,000 goal by 8%. If you love handmade and want to support a good cause and get the print FOR FREE, please donate to help keep Spun’s weaving instructor on-site twice a week to help women in need make, make and make some more!

4. I’ve been pinning like a mad woman on my Pinterest. I’ve also decided to delete my Hands and Hustle twitter account and am instead directing you to follow my personal account instead @sabrinasmelko. Because, candidly, it’s easier and makes more sense anyhow! Follow me on Instagram and Bloglovin’ while you’re at it, if you please.

5. I’ve added a bunch of new products to my online shop including a pullover sweater with a pizza on it (which made it onto the Storenvy Editor’s Picks Today!), a hustle beanie and hustle tank top. Be sure to pick the correct size as they’re posted as separate products per size.


Now I’m off to watch a new episode of Parenthood, only the greatest TV series out there which brings a tear to my eye every single gosh-darn episode.

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