Novelty Knit Sweaters, Green Shorts, Tights and Fa...

Novelty Knit Sweaters, Green Shorts, Tights and Fall Style, Oh My!

I’m a huge sucker for novelty sweaters and colourful one-offs.

That might be why I made a pizza pullover. I couldn’t resist. Sorry not sorry. Anyhow, it’s NOVEMBER. That’s right. It’s still warm in the sun, but cold and getting colder which screams for tights under shorts and a cozy sweater, one of my go-to looks in the colder months. It’s comfortable, fun and easy to swap up with whatever sweaters or bottoms you own, be it skirts, shorts or a jumper. So that’s why I took the time to put together equivalent looks that you can shop for now in stores. Hurray!





It’s stained and old, but I have a soft spot for my super-duper old unicorn sweater from when either me or one of my sisters was a little girl. It used to go almost to our knees, I’m sure, but now it’s come full circle as a subtle crop sweater. Ha!


Shop Similar Styles

1. Black Triangle Print Knit Sweater

2. Hustle Beanie

3. Bar Charm Necklace

4. Fleece-Lined Tight (perfect for winter) or Sheer Tights

5. Warby Parker Glasses

6. American Apparel Green Shorts

7. Black Sleeve Hearts Embroidered Crop Sweater

8. Blundstone Boots

9. Black Long Sleeve Knit Sweater

10. Pendant Necklace

11. Boohoo Roanne Nothing To Wear Cropped Long Sleeve Sweat Top

12. Cities Graphic Pullover

13. Lazy Oaf Graphic Content Sweater

14. Etsy Mixed Media Circle Necklace

15. Woven Green Skater Skirt

16. Geo Charm Necklace

17. I <3 Champagne Sweater

18. Black Swallow Print Knit Sweater


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