Watch ‘Jacob’, A Documentary on Pregna...

Watch ‘Jacob’, A Documentary on Pregnancy and Infant Loss

Over the past eight months, I have watched Shawn pour his heart and soul into the creation of his short documentary on pregnancy and infant loss.

Originally, he set out to share a short video chronicling his mother’s experience with miscarriage and stillbirth and how it affected his family, but along the journey to creating it, doors opened and he was introduced to countless stories and perspectives he couldn’t ignore.

What he intended to be a short personal three minute film on his mother, ended in a piece that explores the culture that surrounds pregnancy and infant loss. He spoke with everyone from complete strangers who shared their heartbreaking tales, to industry professionals and politicians.

This blog mostly chronicles fun-loving and lighthearted topics, but not only do I think this topic is an important one to shed light on, but Shawn deserves the support.

I watched him single-handedly film and edit the entire piece completely unfunded. At times, exploring such a personal and tough topic was hard, but he became fueled by the emotional stories of strangers and family, and felt a duty to do them justice and dignify them. You can read more about his personal and creative process of creating ‘Jacob’ here. Shawn also writes for HMHB, a blog for pregnant mothers. You can read his latest post here.

I hope you can all find 15 minutes to watch, share, and let him know what you think! And if you feel inclined, please vote for his video on Awardeo.

xo, Sabrina