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Fun Behind-The-Scenes From The Set of ‘Save My Reno’ (Airing Tomorrow on HGTV)

Tomorrow it the day! Ahhhhh! PS: How cool are Seb and I with our Flor swatches *insert sarcastic-face emoji here

And wouldn’t you have it, I’m sick as a dog, but that won’t stop be from relishing in the joy of the premier of my new show, Save My Reno, starting tomorrow at 10pm on HGTV.

Get ready for TWO back-to-back episodes chronicling a renovation at Nick and Zina’s, and a kitchen reno at Sarah and Jon’s. Below is a little sneak peek and synopsis of each episode (and some fun behind the scenes photos)

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Tips + Tricks: Designing an Intimate + Industrial Wedding

Tips + Tricks: Designing an Intimate + Industrial Wedding

As a bride-to-be in the early stages of planning a wedding, my goal is first to create an inviting and intimate atmosphere, followed closely by ensuring there’s a plethora of great food, drinks, and music.

Whether I’m designing a living space or office, it’s about catering to how those who’ll live in and enjoy it function and making sure that the space reflects that in the end.

Tips + Tricks: Designing an Intimate + Industrial Wedding

So when HomeSense asked me to design a weddingscape using products from their new celebration line, my first instinct was to create a lounge space that could double as a dessert table or cocktail bar area. Because who wouldn’t want to sidle on a sofa, chair, ottoman or pouf while enjoying their drink or a snack!? I just love how an inviting lounge space encourages conversation and camaraderie.

So in just a few days and with a limited budget, I pulled together this laid-back, layered and livable wedding lounge in an otherwise cold, industrial space by simply considering a few key factors (read more for all the tips and more photos!)

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An Old Garage Turned Loft

An Old Garage Turned Loft That's Equal Parts Cozy + Industrial

Equal parts cozy and industrial—that’s hard to pull off.

But somehow this rehabilitated loft that used to be an old garage does a beautiful job of employing an industrial style while still maintaining a homey, inviting and intimate feel thanks to the careful attention given to lighting (creating a soft, warm ambiance), and the oodles of warmth added through a variety of textures, textiles, natural materials and colours.

As with all About a Room posts, if you like this look you can shop the room at the bottom of the post!

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An Old Garage Turned Loft That's Equal Parts Cozy + Industrial An Old Garage Turned Loft That's Equal Parts Cozy + Industrial An Old Garage Turned Loft That's Equal Parts Cozy + Industrial

Little Happy Living Room

I’ve spent most of my waking hours parked on this little yellow couch — or the dining table just behind it — recently.

I’ve been on a tiny break from filming, and plugging away at myriad tasks, so rather than share all the things, here’s how I’ve  sum up the last few weeks:

Relaxing with Piper and Shawn, Googling “why are my nails chipping,” “small bathroom designs,” and “best lavender candle,” watching The OA, looking up theories on The OA on Reddit, repotting my monstera deliciosa, subsequently killing most of my monstera deliciosa (it was tragic), browsing Let Go, finding a cool vintage tin green S on Let Go for $50, coding and re-designing a site (which I’ll share more about shortly), tinting my eyebrows, organizing paperwork and files from 2016, planning a bathroom renovation, starting #PixelsPlacesThings, listening to Podcasts (CLJ, Clever, and TAL).

I hope you enjoy my little slice of living (with Piper cameos of course). Full source/shopping list at bottom of post.


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