For Content’s Sake!

A lot of the same photo gets taken.

In this year of digging deep into social media and the world of blogging, I’ve seen a lot of the same images and have read a lot of the same articles. Only a handful of people come to mind when I think of bloggers and internet personalities whose Instagram accounts are truly unique (Jen Gotch being one of them). A lot of people, namely new people to the blogging world, race to the bottom and reach for the lowest common denominator: a photo of clothes and coffee. And hey, I’ve been guilty of it, especially when I first started blogging. Something in your subconscious teaches you that this is a successful photo, and in theory, it is — so I get the appeal and gravitational pull. Problem is, when a wisdom-full caption paired with a nicely lit photo of gathered object is copied and pasted millions of times, it looses its edge.

Don’t get me wrong; there are plenty of times when the write-up holds weight for the poster and is backed by real emotion, and there are plenty of times when the objects aren’t arranged or staged, and there are even times when staging it and writing words for the sake of it isn’t wrong — in fact, for some this is a job and that’s totally cool —, but in terms of originality, I respect those individuals who challenge the status-quo.

On another and perhaps more important note, keeping up with this kind of lifestyle is exhausting. One thing I will say is that I’ve never done something or gone somewhere with the goal of posting it (I’m too lazy and too much of a homebody), but that is definitely a thing. It even sounds tiring.

This is exactly what led me to start Comfort Zone, a new column on Design*Sponge (where I work as an Editor). And this is also exactly what led me to consolidate my Instagram accounts, and even my blog. It’s why you’re reading this on and not on In the past, I’ve had anywhere from 3-5 blogs/publishing platforms at a time, and it’s not only exhausting, it’s silly. Talk about master of none. So I’ve pared down my posts; I only share when I feel like it on this specific blog. I’ll still work for other publications on an advertorial basis as part of my professional services, but I’m treating my personal blog as just that: more of a personal blog.

And since this decision, a strange thing happened as a result of this simplification and cutting the stuff I didn’t feel like sharing: nothing. No one asked why I wasn’t sharing, no building fell down, no web traffic stat dipped significantly. The world went on without a lot of my content, and it will continue to without yours, as well. That’s not to say stop what you’re doing, don’t get me wrong — I’m still blogging; I’m still sharing photos on Instagram; and sometimes, I will even hit you with an inspired one with a long-winded caption — but it’s a lesson in consciousness and an argument against stretching yourself thin for the sake of content. You probably have more to say than you’re currently saying — and you can probably say it with less. Just think about that.