Friday Finds: Felt Shoes, Tapestries, a Halloween ...

Friday Finds: Felt Shoes, Tapestries, a Halloween Cocktail & More.

Hey guys, guess what? It’s Friday!

This week has been an odd one for me; one of those weeks where Tuesday felt like Friday and today feels like Tuesday, so I took pleasure in putting together this week’s Duly Noted if only to keep my brain on schedule. Asking yourself, “what in the heck is Duly Noted?” Well, let me explain, m’dear.

Each week as I browse the web, check my Twitter and Instagram and browse my favorite blogs, I bookmark, jot down and save photos of notable things I’m inspired by, want to buy, want to make or am just plain in love with and toss the links together into one post that I share on Fridays. I launched Duly Noted last week and am already having way too much fun with it. This could get messy, guys.

Sounds like fun, no? Yay? Nay?

1. I discovered SERIAL, a new podcast from the creators of This American Life. One story. Told week by week with new episodes every Thursday.

2. I just discovered the tapestry work by Brook & Lyn and they are gorgeous.

3. Swooning over this made type with flowers, plants, wool and driftwood by _ moon.

4. These Felt House Shoes by Etsy maker meise berlin are adorable and on my wish-list!

5. This packaging for Essential Living Foods from The Dieline is yummy. So is all the work of Trina Bentley.

6. These 12 Scandinavian-style kitchen will make you want to renovate yours.

7. Make this True Death cocktail for Halloween. from House & Garden

8. Just discovered Earlywood’s Medium Classic Ladle. Perfect Holiday gift. Their ironwood cutting board is also on point.

9. This root vegetable coleslaw is perfect for autumn.

  1. Brad

    25 October

    Oh man… I downloaded all 5 episodes of SERIAL when this post came out and I’ve listened to all of them already. I can’t wait for the rest of them!

    An interesting and sort of related podcast is called StartUp and it’s done by Alex Bloomberg (part of this American Life) and it’s a true story about how he is trying to start a new company that creates new long format podcasts… just like SERIAL I would imagine. It’s only 5 episodes deep so far too, but very interesting I thought.

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