Clothes as Comfortable As Pajamas (You Can Look Go...

Clothes as Comfortable As Pajamas (You Can Look Good In)

As someone who works from home for the most part, I’ve been guilty of wearing pajamas all day.

“Why wear uncomfortable pants or a stuffy blouse when no-one’s going to see me?”, I’d justify to myself.

But herein lies the problem: you do get seen, at one time or another, and it’s been a cause for embarrassment for me more times than I’d like to admit. So after I said a fond farewell to my ripped, worn tees and man-boxers, I made it my mission to find clothes I could slap on half-awake that would be as comfortable (or more comfy) than pajamas.

Maxi Skirts and Dresses


I call them “the sweatpants of summer”, but I actually wear my maxis well into fall and winter with knit tights and a pair of wicked boots (I wear them with my Blundstones). The best part is that you don’t have to worry if you’ve shaved your legs, but we won’t tell anyone that. Maxis always look effortlessly elegant on anyone.

Top: Arizona Jeans, from JC Penny | Maxi Skirt: Target Canada.



Ah, the trusty denim overall. I practically live in mine. With boots, a chunky sweater and thermal leggings in the winter and with a tank and cuffed bottoms in the summer. And they come in shorts and skirts now, too. I’m far too awkward to pull it off, but toss off one of the shoulder straps for a slouchy-cool look.

Top: Target Canada | Overalls: Bluenotes

High-Waisted Baggy Trousers

comfy_clothes_-17-copy comfy_clothes_-18

I’m not talking Buddha pants or sweats or the pants with the drop-crotch, but a good pair of high-waisted baggy trousers in a lightweight fabric. Tuck a tighter basic t or tank into them (equally as comfy), and you look like a milli in a millisecond.

Top: Mossimo, from Target | Pants: Nivo Novo


Tights with a Large Sweater (or Button-up)

comfy_clothes_-10 comfy_clothes_-11

A pair of good black tights — or a fun printed pair. Throw on an over-sized sweater or button-up and you’re good to go. A go-to in the winter for me.

Top: CSAW & CO | Leggings: Ardene