BRIEFBOX | Fake Design Briefs To Practice With

BRIEFBOX | Fake Design Briefs To Practice With is the answer to my art-college-student self’s dilemma of getting “rusty” in the summers between school projects.

Created earlier this year by icon design master Joel Alexander as a fun side project in an attempt to help aspiring designers & illustrators, Briefbox offers fake projects to practice your skills in illustration, design, branding, web design, iconography and UI design–to name a few. Joel explains it as the answer to the quintessential conundrum all creatives face: “I’m feeling creative, but what the heck shall I work on?”

With projects such as “‘Hyped Water’ bottle label design” or “Artwork for Helsinki Hotel“, it’s a great place for aspiring creatives to gain experience executing realistic briefs. If you’re a seasoned creative it can also be good for practicing new techniques and sharpening your skills. Or put your expertise to use and suggest a brief. And really, the site’s icons are just so darn darling.


If you’re not feeling up to it at the time or if you’re experiencing *faux* project anxiety, you can save briefs for later with one click. And if you have the guts, you can even upload your executions for feedback and discussion within the community of like-minded creatives.

So sign up at and get making, working and doing! Cool, huh?

What do you do to channel your creative energy or inspiration? Do you think this is a good idea?

  1. Linzie

    29 October

    This is perfect. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Being a recent graduate I always look for new ways to re-vamp my portfolio by adding new projects (mostly fake as I don’t freelance right now) and sometimes it’s hard to just come up with a problem when you really want to execute a solution. I love stuff like this, which is also why I signed up for Skillshare classes! Highly recommend.

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