[Notes From Bali No. 3]: Canggu Chillin’

I used to believe that being creative meant inventing something from nothing.

Coming up with entirely new and unique content. Sitting at a desk, deep in thought, alone with pen and paper.

But art is an idea, explored. And ideas are informed by our experience: Who we meet; What we see; Where we go.

It’s found in a new city that overcomes you, a conversation you overhear, an emotion someone elicits.

We are not in this alone. And we certainly cannot create in a silo.

The questions may come from inside, but the answers can only be found outside.

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[Notes From Bali No. 2]: The Right Now

I used to wait and want for a lot of things

I longed for adulthood as a kid; was painfully impatient about growing out my bangs; believed that if I just did this or that, I’d be better off.

Always seeking that next thing. Waiting for the chips to fall. And thinking that veering left or right would bring me to a better path.

But what a robbery that kind of existence is. 

We tend to place very little value on right now and perhaps too much on “the shiny future”.

We tend to move when things become uncomfortable. As Pema Chodron so eloquently put:

Scrambling for security has never brought anything but momentary joy. It’s like changing the position of our legs in meditation. Our legs hurt from sitting cross-legged, so we move them. And then we feel, “Phew! What a relief!” But two and a half minutes later, we want to move them again. We keep moving around seeking pleasure, seeking comfort, and the satisfaction that we get is very short-lived.”

The resolution we get when we shift to find comfort or peace or success only lasts so long. And then we find ourselves right back where we were: in the right now. In the present.

But being present is hard. Being present requires looking at what has happened with peace and looking at what’s to come with no assumptions.

So if you’re searching for peace through waiting, longing, or avoidance, stop.

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November Playlist

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted a playlist. Why? I thought no one cared.

But lately, y’all have expressed the want for music on my Instagram. I get as many bills as I do DM’s asking “what’s this song?” (which is a lot, unfortunately)  so here’s where we’ve landed this month music-wise my dears.

90 minutes of chill. Bumpin’. But chill.

x, S


[Notes from Bali No. 1] Think, Think, Stop.

Thoughts are simple things.

They’re observations of what we see and what we hear.

And we waste so much time attaching stories to them that breed baseless emotions.

We wonder why they said that; did that; got that job; nabbed that position. And then we react to it—internally, with no context. We allow it make us mad, sad, happy, excited, bitter.

And yet we have no idea what the truth is. And how we should really be made to feel about it.

It’s senseless and it’s consuming.

So next time you find yourself assigning a narrative to your thoughts before you know their true meaning, stop, drop it and surrender.

Or get clarity from the source of your questions. Life will be a hell of a lot more enjoyable if you learn to just let go.

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Links + Likes: Crescent Moon Necklaces, Vintage Runners, Curio Cabinets, Cityline, an Aviator Jacket + More

I’m on a crescent moon kick. Just purchased: this necklace. Or if you’re looking for real gold, this one’s pretty bomb.

Love me a good photography series: “Wardrobe Snacks” by Michelle Maguire and Kelsey McClellan is up there.

This natural basket chair combines classic and trendy. Get it!

This week I was on Cityline chatting about the curio cabinet comeback and sitting down with Brian Gluckstein to go over my bathroom renovation (you can even peep it in 360°)!

My parents just bought a cottage and we’re on the hunt for a cozy, quaint runner. In LOVE with this vintage, one-of-a-king beauty. Or if you’re after something more neutral, this one (US link) was a close runner-up (pun intended).

Digging this aviator jacket.