Links + Likes: Faux Fig Tree, Candy Kittens, Embroidery Lace Dress, Jenny Bird, a Rattan Coffee Table, MAD Sales + More

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  • Embroidery, lace, florals. Need I say more about this dress?
  • If you’re a black thumb, this faux olive tree is V convincing.
  • At a Winners checkout the other day I spotted a bag of gluten-free candy (because yes, tons of candy has WHEAT in it, WTF?) with a cute name, Candy Kittens. I’ve since gone back for other flavors and devoured four bags. If you spot it next time you’re checking out, buy some.
  • Summer is officially here! If you need some fresh, new bedding, The Bay is having a huge bedding flash sale with up to 60% off sheets, comforters, duvets etc.
  • Good news for all you Jenny Bird lovers (myself included): there’s now free shipping to Canada and within the US on any order over $75.
  • This rattan coffee table is very cute.
  • Also feeling these rippling wave hoops.




About a Room: A Calming English Farmhouse Kitchen

Earthy, putty tones, blonde ash wood, and a mix of white and black ceramics make this farmhouse kitchen in England oh-so calming.

Forgoing upper cabinets works so well because of the weight of the ceiling beams which ground the space. And to combat the lack of storage on one wall, the wall opposite features open, counter-to-ceiling shelving. I also adore the small cabinet features such as the slots for cutting boards and dish towels.

Shop The Look:


Photos via Neptune


#SabrinasBathroom Reno Diary: The Whats and Whys of My Design Plan

It feels like forever since I started planning my bathroom renovation (which I’ve coined #SabrinasBathroom).

I’ve consciously gotten better at it, but I’m still not the most decisive person in the world (sorry for never being able to pick a restaurant, Shawn)! However, if I’m being fully honest about why it’s taken so long to make the final call, it’s partly because I’m going to miss my current bathroom.

While the tub is shallow and uncomfortable, a handful of tiles are cracked where it counts (at the shower fixtures), there is virtually zero storage, paint is peeling on the walls and ceiling and mold adorns the window frame, it’s sad to gut something so cute and original. When Nicole Curtis—who would arguably keep it how it is—comes to mind, so does guilt. But doing (or not doing) something because of someone else and ignoring your needs when it comes to your own house is a sin in its own right—and mama needs some function. Continue reading

[GIVEAWAY] Blog Survey 2017: What Do You Want From Me?!

Hey you! Yes, you. Want to win a product of your choice from my shop? Then I need to hear from you!

I’ve been meaning to connect with you guys for quite some time because you all feel so far away. Ironically, this week’s episode from the Chris Loves Julia podcast covered some real talk about the business of blogging, with one of the sticking points being that people don’t leave comments anymore. This makes gauging what you guys like/dislike and want more of/less of really tough.

One way I gauge what content works best is from page stats and analytics, but I can honestly tell you that my top four posts are all completely different topic-wise. (For those curious, my top performing post by a long shot is What I’ve Learned From Raising a Blue Heeler/Border Collie Mix).

If I had to define it, I’d coin my blog as a lifestyle blog—with a focus on design, creativity and style. This is what’s comfortable for me and topics I’ve posted about for years, sharing everything from If It Isn’t Posted to Social Media, Did It Still Happen? and My Kitchen Renovation Series, to Three Looks, One Pair of Mom Jeans and About a Room: A Charming Industrial Loft.

Where my struggle lies is in not knowing what exactly you guys wantor if this wide range of topics is exactly why you come here.

You may not have noticed, but lately I’ve been ramping up my blogging efforts in the form of scheduled, predictable posts: Every Monday you can expect a Pixels, Places + Things post; each Wednesday I serve up an evergreen post, be it a personal essay, an update on my home/life, etc; and Fridays are all about Links + Likes. I’ve also resurrected my Sunday morning newsletter for those who prefer to read all at once quietly over Sunday coffee. You can sign up here:

So it felt like the perfect time to conduct a blog reader survey (with a giveaway of a product of your choice form my shop)!

To enter, simply take this short survey (also embedded below) and you will automatically be entered into the contest. I thank you  eternally for your feedback, friends! Keep silently reading 😉