8 Must-Have Items for Fall / Back to School

8 Must-Have Items for Fall / Back to School

Whether we like it or not, it’s September 1st, guys.

It’s back to school season, thus signifying the beginning of the end of summer. It may get chillier, but these items warm my little heart and make fall not seem to bad after all. I want them all and think you might too. Sorry, not sorry that you may be forced to blow a paycheck.

Shared Unathletics Department Crew Sweater from Drake General Store
$88 | Link

You could spend hours in Toront’s Drake General Store–believe me, I have. Brimming with fantastic odd-ball trinkets, art, books and apparel, this unisex Shared Unathletics Dept. Crew is perfect for keeping warm during Fall days. Toss it over a maxi, pair with cutoffs for a while and when you finally admit to yourself that summer is over, it’ll go with any jeans or leggings.


Bookhou Day Bag


$85.00 | 13″ wide x 10″ high| Link

Handmade in Toronto, this Bookhou bag is the perfect catch-all for all daily essentials. The fabric is a waxed light oatmeal linen printed with a fun rain pattern. The bottom portion is made from charcoal waxed canvas and it’s complete with organic cotton canvas lining on the inside. The length of the straps can be adjusted or you can request your bag to be made with a specific length strap. Owners John Booth and Arounna Khounnoraj are that involved with their pieces.


.ORG Deskscape System by Ladies and Gentleman Studio


$250 | Link

I recently found L&G studio via Instagram and have naturally since become obsessed with them and their work. They’re based out of Seattle and offer a diverse set of products from small objects, home decor goods, jewelry, to furniture, lighting, and more. Dylan Davis & Jean Lee founded in 2010 and haven’t skipped a beat since. Swoon.


Liz Kimono from Hackwith Design House


$180 | Link

This medium-weight textured cream kimono from Hackwith Design House is the answer to the impending summer-fall transition limbo.  Simple, subtle and sophisticated, it’s versatile and can pair with a simple work-dress, jeans or cut offs on the last days of summer.


Salt and Pepper Cross Body Bag by Primecut


$190 | 13″ W x 6.5″ T | Link

Primecut Bags are made of one-of-a-kind genuine cowhide and leather and are the perfect size for many uses. With the option to remove the strap to use it as a fold-over clutch, this bag is super versatile and can bring you from day to night. It’s fully lined, has a concealed magnetic fastener, and two zipper compartments. Yay!


The SHELTER Wildcrafting Bag for Villagers


$295.00 | 17″ x 15″ x 5″ | Link

Waxed canvas, leather straps, brass hardware, and ALL OF THE COMPARTMENTS AND POCKETS! Need I say more? Okay, fine. The SHELTER Wildcrafting Bag is made for the modern forager. Sure, it’s meant for storing picked berries, wood gatherings and storing specimens and foraged materials on your backwoods hike, but I won’t judge if you use it to store your phone, wallet, candy and backup sweater.


Nude Pink/White Marbled Necklace from a Merry Mishap


$35.70 | 18″ | Link

Jennifer Hagler of A Merry Mishap Blog makes these necklaces by hand using polymer, clay and metal. It may not be a fall or school essential, but who gives a hoot, it’s purdy. She’s one of my favorite Etsy makers.