10 Apps, Programs and Tools I Rely on Daily To Run...

10 Apps, Programs and Tools I Rely on Daily To Run My Business

1. Music & Podcasts (!!!)

Without music or podcasts, I’m useless. Podcasts are perfect for when I’m executing, editing photos, drawing up a final illustration and doing things that require action, not necessarily thinking. When I’m conceptualizing and writing, it’s gotta be music so I can think.

2. Moleskine Stekchbook

From sketching for illustration and design projects to writing and scribbling down ideas for the blog, I use my Moleskine daily and bring it with me on trips and walks and to coffee shops. The paper quality make it great for fine art and the thick pages don’t bleed ink ballpoint pens through the other side. I checked with Indigo and their Moleskines are currently 20% off right now. So get one or twenty!

3. Sony Headphones

I know it’s not really a necessity for business, but I don’t know how I’d get any work done without a good pair of headphones. There’s a certain zoning-in and blocking out the world thing that headphones do for me that allows me to hustle and get work done in a way that just playing music off my computer speakers can’t.

4. House Shoes

Okay, so it’s not an essential, but it’s a must for me to be comfortable. I work from home and don’t want to heat the whole house when it’s just me inside, so I opt for slippers that don’t look like slippers if I answer the door. I’m tempted to get another pair from this Etsy maker.

5. HostGator

I actually didn’t include this at first, but in hind-sight I realized the reason I’m able to do my job is because I have live web and email hosting provided by HostGator. I’ve had my fair share of nightmare hosts but HostGator has never given be trouble and if I ever have a question, their tech support is there (and actually talk to you like a human which is not a given.)

6. Dell Monitor

I myself have the 27″ U2713HM and love it. The colour is vibrant, the screen and graphics are crisp and I can still adjust things as I need.

7. Sturdy Tote Bag

A good quality, sturdy (not flimsy) tote bag is a must for tossing my laptop in for client meetings or working outside of my home when I go to a coffee shop.

8. Wacom Tablet

I use my Wacom Bamboo tablet (the exact one pictured) for all of my hand-lettering, inking, and illustrating. I’ve had it for over 5 years and it’s still working great despite extreme fading and use.

9. Canon Rebel Camera

I don’t use my camera every day, but it definitely get’s mileage. From photographing images for my blog to reference images for my illustrations to capturing inspiration and textures.